Dog The Bounty Hunter Lifts His Leg On Fox News Hosts, Says He Supports Hillary (Video)

Dog the Bounty Hunter, aka Duane Chapman, dropped by to talk with the ladies at the Fox News show “Outnumbered” the other day and he just about made them drop their coffee cups when the topic turned to politics.

Chapman, who is a well-known Republican, was first asked what he thought about Florida Senator Marco Rubio, to which The Dog responded:

“Well, I like him and his wife is beautiful but I don’t think he could beat the dynamic duo.”

The Dynamic Duo? Batman and Robin have declared their candidacy. Ditzy “Outnumbered” co-host Andrea Tantaros asked who Chapman was referring to. Chapman replied:

“The Clintons.”

While the ladies attempted to pick their dragging jaws up off the floor, Chapman added:

“I want someone in there with experience. We’re at war.”

Sandra Smith couldn’t resist putting her worthless opinion into the mix, declaring that Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State proves she is weak on the topic of foreign policy.

The Dog would have none of it, however, and pointed out to the still-stunned ladies that he was defending Hillary Clinton as a Republican:

“I’m a Republican but I have faith in the dynamic duo.”

Which only prompted former MTV Veejay Kennedy Montgomery to say in a sorrowful tone:

“That makes me so sad right now. Like, I love everything about you. I think you’re powerful and heroic but the fact that you endorse Hillary Clinton—it makes me sadder than ‘The Notebook.’”

But what makes her and the other right wing puppets over at Fox News sadder still is the fact that they just had a Republican say he thinks Hillary Clinton is the best candidate for President. They weren’t expecting to be made such utter fools of on their own show.

I’m pretty sure Dog the Bounty Hunter will not be invited back to Fox News anytime soon.

Watch Dog Say He Supports Hillary

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One thought on “Dog The Bounty Hunter Lifts His Leg On Fox News Hosts, Says He Supports Hillary (Video)

  1. that was such a “smooth” cut after endorsing clinton. i personally don’t like the guy, but he does make sense. there is no republican better than what the clintons offer.

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