Donald And Melania Accused Of Committing Voter Fraud In The State Of Florida

In what may well wind up being the most ironic turn of events of the year, Donald and Melania Trump have been accused of voter fraud in what they now claim is their home state of Florida.

No doubt you’ll recall that the president has repeatedly said absentee voting (aka voting by mail) is inherently fraudulent. He doesn’t have any evidence to support his bogus claim of fraud when it comes to absentee balloting, but perhaps he was engaged in classic psychological projection, i.e. accusing others of that which you know you’re guilty of.

The Washington Post reports:

“President Trump originally tried to register to vote in Florida while claiming his ‘legal residence’ was in another part of the country — Washington, D.C. — according to Florida elections records.

“The September 2019 registration application listed Trump’s legal residence as 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, the location of the White House. That created a potential problem for Trump: Florida law requires voters to be legal residents of the state. A month later, Trump resubmitted his application to use a Florida address and in March he voted by mail in Florida’s Republican primary.”

The First Lady also registered to vote absentee in Florida by listing her residence as being the White House.

That, however, is only part of the story.

It turns out that Trump also tried to claim he is now a “bona fide resident” of Palm Beach, Florida. But he based that assertion on his residence in Palm Beach being his golf club at Mar-a-Lago. Problem is, Mar-a-Lago cannot be a residence, as a complaint filed with the Florida Department of State lays out, once again according to The Post:

“’This is in a recorded agreement, a covenant running with the land to the benefit of all Florida and Palm Beach County residents,’ the complaint states.

“Noting that Trump now uses Mar-a-Lago as his legal residence for his voter registration, the complaint says that ‘the Mar a Lago [sic] Club is not a property where anyone can legally reside.'”

Additionally, the president isn’t exactly helping his or his wife’s case, commenting during a recent conference call with the nation’s governors:

“I live in Manhattan.”

That admission, according to election attorney Marc E. Elias, suggests Trump is in legal jeopardy in both New York and Florida:

So the next time you see a tweet from Donald Trump about how absentee balloting is rife with fraud, keep in mind that it certainly appears he’s as guilty as homemade sin on that count.

One thought on “Donald And Melania Accused Of Committing Voter Fraud In The State Of Florida

  1. Actually he is right the golf course is where he resides…. However this oversized clown and his cronies are no longer worthy of space in my head. USA have the great big know it all speaker of the media updates showing us just who is running the US I am disgusted at the whole thought of GOP and the bullshit that is allowed because of ridiculous restraints on a lunatic and its followers..Allowing him too continue with the destruction of the Land of Hope…. No longer Glory…The people are just beginning to Wake Up ….

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