Donald Trump Calls Kamala Harris ‘Incompetent’ And Gets Reminded Of His Own Massive Failures

Donald Trump never learns.

No matter how hard he tries to make fun of others, it seems the Donald always manages to humiliate himself whenever he launches an attack on someone else. And that’s exactly what happened when he went after Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

ABC News reported that Sen. Harris would be a leading figure in the battle against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, which he’s expected to announce later this week:

That prompted the president to respond:

Kamala Harris incompetent? There may be a lot of things her opponents can say about Sen. Harris, but she is far from being incompetent.

Trump’s real problem with Harris is that she’s on the Senate Judiciary Committee and he didn’t like the way she questioned Brett “I like beer” Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearings after he had been nominated by Trump to the Supreme Court. Matter of fact, Trump even brought that up during a rally he held Saturday in North Carolina:

“Nobody ever suffered like Justice Kavanaugh suffered in the hands and the mouths of those horrible people. They made him suffer, and the leader of the pack, I would say, was Kamala.”

Karma caught up with the president, and it came in form of replies to him on social media:

Poor Donnie! He hates strong women because they remind him just how impotent he is.

One thought on “Donald Trump Calls Kamala Harris ‘Incompetent’ And Gets Reminded Of His Own Massive Failures

  1. Great Post ! All we have to do is to inform people over and over how Trump projects almost everything. I hear one of his statements if Biden is not qualified for the job. Can you imagine him saying that about someone who has spent close to a half century in public service while Trump comes in with his “buy a Rolex from me” mentality.

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