Donald Trump Featured In Terrorist Recruitment Video

At the most recent Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton remarked that the terrorist group ISIS was using statements from Donald Trump about barring all Muslims from entering the United States in their recruiting videos. Here’s a video of exactly what the Democratic frontrunner said:

Trump pretended to be offended, even demanding that Clinton apologize, which is something Trump himself has never done over the course of his life. Clinton refused to offer any apology or retraction.

And now we see that while it might not have been verified when the words about recruitment videos left Clinton’s mouth, it now is.

A clip of Donald Trump is featured in a new recruitment video which was released by Al-Shabaab, the Somalia-based terrorist organization.

In the video, Trump is shown discussing his plan to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

Trump appears in a clip from a stump speech, saying:

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the [censored] is going on.” 

A reporter from Voice of America, Harun Maruf, spotted the video online and immediately took to social media:

Then Rita Katz, Director of the SITE Intelligence Group, posted the video on her Twitter account:

Clinton has also made other statements about anti-Muslim statements which have been made by Trump and other GOP Presidential candidates. On December 8 she said:

“This kind of rhetoric sets us back in the fight against radical jihadists—a fight we absolutely have to win, against a brutal, nihilistic enemy who twists Islam to justify mass murder. These jihadists cannot be contained; they have to be defeated. And the vast majority of Muslims here and abroad are on our side in this fight. Many are helping prevent radicalization, including here at home. So why would anyone suggest that they’re the enemy? How does that help us? Radical jihadists are telling people that the United States hates Muslims—and there’s Donald Trump on TV screaming about how he’s going to keep all Muslims out. He’s strengthening the terrorists’ argument.”

Whatever you may think of Hillary Clinton, she is clearly right about her warnings. And the fact that Al-Shabaab is indeed using Trump’s words as they seek to recruit new members proves conclusively that Trump is harming American security now and for years to come.

Watch A Portion Of The Video

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Featured In Terrorist Recruitment Video

  1. Gee, I noticed that this came out AFTER Hillary made mention of it while ISIL already had a video out featuring Uncle Willie as one of his true identities, a fornicator! Seems they took her up on her ‘suggestion’ and included him! And your just brimming about it, aren’t you? Seems your issues are against the wrong ‘evil people’, Americans, and you have all the love for Muslims!

    • Wrong on all counts, but thanks for trying to make sense. I’m sure it was incredibly difficult for you. Also, could you please learn how to spell? ‘Your” is correctly spelled “You’re” when used in this way.

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