Texas Motorist Shoots 6-Year-Old Child After Family Makes Wrong Turn

The NRA is forever telling us that a good guy with a gun is the antidote to a bad guy with a gun. In Texas, where everyone seems to be locked, loaded, and spoiling for a fight, how are you supposed to know the difference?

Now a 6-year-old girl lies in the hospital, shot in the spine by a “responsible gun owner” who got worked up when a family took a wrong turn and dared to shine their headlights on the gun owner’s car.

The incident in question took place Tuesday evening. A family made a wrong turn in their hunt for a tire shop. They pulled into the parking lot for a group of townhouses and attempted to get a new reading from their GPS device.

Police investigators say the lost car’s headlights were apparently shining on another car in the parking lot, and when the occupant of that car became upset with the audacity of the family–shine your lights on me, will you?!–the irate driver walked towards the car belonging to the lost family and fired nine shots! Nine shots! One of those shots penetrated the headlight and lodged in the spine of a 6-year-old little girl whose only crime was her family being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Acting out of sheer terror, the driver of the car that had been shot attempted to escape, which led the shooter to fire four more rounds. The horrified family managed to drive down the street and locate a police officer for assistance. The little girl was rushed to the nearest hospital.

Later that same evening, a SWAT team arrested a “person of interest” on an unrelated charge, but he has yet to be charged with the shooting of the child in the townhouse parking lot.

Yet according to the NRA, all problems can be solved with a gun. Sure seems like more problems are created than solved.

This article was originally published by the same author at BipartisanReport.com.

26 thoughts on “Texas Motorist Shoots 6-Year-Old Child After Family Makes Wrong Turn

  1. What makes you so sure that this nut wasn’t a liberal idiot? I doubt very seriously that he was a member of the NRA? And odds are that he has serious mental problems. Just the kind of gun owner that gun owners don’t want to have a gun. This would be what the NRA would call a “BAD guy with a gun”. All that you’re concerned with is the NRA. How about the little girl or the other people who were shot? Ill bet that you have been researching the madman all day, but haven’t checked one time on the little girl.

    • Hey Bud, NOBODY wants this idiot to have a gun… but the NRA has threatened retaliation against any elected official who tries to do anything to weed him and his ilk out of the ranks of gun owners. To those idiots, a six-year-old little girl with a bullet in her spine is “the price you pay.” And to you as well, apparently.

      As to your “What makes you so sure…?” Because it’s typically not liberals who carry guns everywhere they go. It IS typically right wing fools. We have about a 98% chance of being right when we characterize idiots who fire nine shots into a family vehicle as beinjg a “right wing nut.”

    • You know I am getting a little tired of people like you who think that a conservative idiot isn’t capable of doing stupid shit. Or that a member of the NRA couldn’t possibly do that. I’m sorry but conservatives are not saints who walk on water and can do wrong so get the hell over yourself already.

    • My bet is he’s a life member of the NRA with a huge arsenal at home. The odds are he us a typical NRA member, just looking for any excuse to take offense and shoot someone.

      This is the kind of person the NRA is dedicated to arming.

    • another idiot. for y’all who yell Liberals are afraid of guns and avoid them, how do you figure that the shooter Liberal, other than your ignorance and stupidity.
      next you will blame the shooting on Obama.

  2. The man in the Chevy Impala (Yes, I know the whole story) is an drug dealer of Mexican descent who is here illegally and NOT a member of the NRA or a responsible gun owner. Try another narrative, retard.

  3. This is exactly why i love my country- they had the balls to do something about guns, i cannot buy one as i have a criminal record from way back – a few bad lifestyle choices – i can live with that as nobody else in this country walks around with loaded guns except for the police and a few criminal scum : ) There are plenty who think we made the wrong move tightening gun control – but that news grab is exactly why i think we did the right thing – make no mistake.. there are plenty of angry, mentally challenged deranged people and whacked out drug users in this country BUT they cannot walk into Kmart and buy a damn assault rifle or handgun.. so crazy Joe up the road cannot get on the piss and lose it and shoot up the whole street. And do not give me that amendment B/S either – according to your constitution you can own a single shot muzzle loading rifle with impunity – enjoy your guns – that family did not……Kevin

  4. Where, specifically, in Texas did this happen?

    Who was involved? What, at the very least, was the name of the responding officer?

    If this happened, it would be a tragedy.

    I cannot stand when ANYONE feels they need to make shit up to outrage their audience – especially when the actual situation is bad enough.

    I call bullshit until someone adds pertinent details to this failed attempt at journalism

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