Elizabeth Warren Rips Jeb Bush A New One For Taking ‘Disgusting’ Money

Elizabeth Warren is not afraid to speak her mind, and this week she decided to call out Jeb Bush for some campaign contributions he recently accepted from a very shady character in the financial world.

Who made a $10 million (!) contribution to Jeb’s Right to Rise super PAC recently? None other than Hank Greenberg. And who is Hank Greenberg? He’s the former chairman of AIG. Yes, the very same AIG that had to be bailed out by taxpayers to the tune of billions because his company insured the bogus credit-default swaps that nearly sank the American economy in 2008.

So Senator Warren took to Facebook and posted this:


And Warren was not the only one to question the stench rising off  the Greenberg donation. GOP Senator Rand Paul noted:


When American say they’re sick of the way politicians seem to be immune to the rules that govern us all, this is the kind of thing they’re talking about. Greenberg’s AIG got bailed out by Jeb’s big brother, Dubya, and now Greenberg turns around and infuses $10 million into Jebbie’s campaign so it can stay afloat. That’s about as blatant a form of paying off another person as there is.

And all of this is a direct result of the 2015 Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission. Now anyone or any company can give as much cash as they wish in the hopes of getting paid back when their candidate is elected. It’s quite clearly disgusting, and it has to end.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

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