New York AG May Be On The Verge Of Imposing ‘Corporate Death’ On The Trump Organization

Letitia James is the Attorney General for the state of New York, and that makes her one of the most powerful prosecutors in the country, especially since she’s making it clear that she intends to “use every area of the law” as she investigates the president, his family, and his business, as NBC News reported […]

Trump Hotels Lay Off Thousands Of Employees As The Company Starts To Implode

In yet another sign that the flagship business which makes up the majority of the revenues for the Trump Organization is in serious financial trouble, the Washington Post reports that the family-owned company has laid off 1,500 employees at its hotels in the United States and Canada: “The Trump Organization has laid off or furloughed […]

Did Donald Trump Just Reveal That Very Bad Legal News Is Coming For The Trump Organization?

Though he calls himself a great dealmaker, in reality Donald Trump is bad at business and even worse at hiding what he’s thinking. He always gives the game away with his tweets. Such is the case with three tweets Trump sent out Monday regarding how he feels he’s being harassed by the state of New […]

All Signs Say That Mueller Probably Has Trump’s Tax Returns – Here’s Why

Back in July, during an interview with The New York Times, President Trump was asked if Special Counsel Robert Mueller would be crossing a red line if he began looking into Trump’s business dealings, taxes, and deals his family members may have made. The president responded: “I would say yes. I think that’s a violation. Look, this […]

The BIG Con: Trump Billed Taxpayers For Two-Night Stay At Mar-a-Lago

Despite his repeated assurances that he would not profit from being president, a new report from The Washington Post suggests those promises are, like nearly everything Donald Trump says, a lie. As recently as March of this year, during a trip Trump and his wife Melania made to the president’s exclusive Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, […]

EXPOSED: Chinese Factory That Makes Clothes For Ivanka Only Pays Workers $62 A Week For 60 Hours Work

As it turns out, Ivanka Trump is more like her daddy when it comes to business than we could have ever imagined. An audit of a factory in China–owned by the G-III Apparel Group–which holds the exclusive license to manufacture and distribute Ivanka’s fashion line–shows that workers in the plant are forced to work at least 57 […]

While Her Dad Was Saying ‘Buy American,’ Ivanka Trump Was Importing 53 Tons Of Goods From China

When it comes to hypocrisy, no one does it quite like the Trumps. Case in point: As Donald Trump was making the speech at his inauguration in January, one of things he said was that he would create jobs by following: “Two simple rules: Buy American and hire American.” But as those words were leaving […]

Chachi Tweets Out Anti-Holocaust Slogan To Attack Nordstrom For Dropping Ivanka’s Clothes

Apparently the moronic lemmings who support Donald Trump and his spawn are still mighty ticked off that Nordstrom decided to drop all Ivanka Trump products from their stores. But rather than express themselves in rational, intelligent ways, they go on social media and make complete fools of themselves. The latest member of the painfully clueless […]

Report Says Ivanka Was Not Pleased Conway Dragged ‘Her Brand Into An Ethics Mess’

It now appears that senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway may be in even more trouble than first expected for her comments on Fox News that viewers should go out and purchase items from the Ivanka Trump fashion collection. Earlier this week, discussing Nordstrom’s decision to drop the Ivanka line of goods from their stores […]

Conway Shills For Ivanka’s Wares–Gets Destroyed On Social Media (TWEETS)

Kellyanne Conway is supposed to be a senior adviser to our illustrious and illegitimate president, Donald Trump, but during an appearance on Fox and Friends early Thursday morning, she sounded more like the host of an infomercial. During a discussion of Nordstrom dropping Ivanka Trump’s clothing line from their stores because the products aren’t selling well, […]