Emails Show Don Jr. and Ivanka Defrauded Condo Investors

The children of Donald Trump have inherited millions of dollars from their father, along with an enormous sense of entitlement and a willingness to do anything to make a buck or move ahead.

And that includes committing felonies in pursuit of riches, according to a new book by journalist Andrea Bernstein, American Oligarchs: The Kushners, The Trumps And The Marriage Of Money And Power, a copy of which was obtained by The Guardian.

According to Bernstein, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka deliberately took part in a scheme to sell units in a luxury condo-hotel in the SoHo district of New York, and they allegedly engaged in outright fraud in order to make sure prospective buyers would think sales figures were higher than they actually turned out to be:

“Questions have long surrounded a criminal investigation into the Trump family’s dealings around the Trump SoHo that was dropped in 2011. Public disclosure of email correspondence revealed that Don Jr and Ivanka knowingly used figures that exaggerated how well the condos were selling in a ploy to lure more buyers.

Even worse for Don Jr. and Ivanka is that the email trail implicates them directly in all sorts of illegal activity. Those emails:

“Showed a coordinated, deliberate and knowing effort to deceive buyers. In one email, the Trumps discussed how to coordinate false information they had given to prospective buyers. Because the sales levels had been overstated at the beginning of the sales process, any statement showing a lower level could reveal the untruths.”

The two eldest Trump spawn, the emails also show, knew what they were doing was wrong:

“There was ‘no doubt’ that the Trump children ‘approved, knew of, agreed to, and intentionally inflated the numbers to make more sales,’ one person who saw the emails said. ‘They knew it was wrong.’ ‘It couldn’t have been more clear they lied about the sales and knew they were lying,’ another person said.”

A 2011 civil case against the Trump Organization related to the SoHo project was later settled, but reports are that several criminal investigations have been initiated by the Manhattan DA since Trump became president and handed over control of the Trump Organization to his three oldest children, Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric.

Even though Donald Trump wasn’t found guilty in his Senate impeachment trial, he and his family are facing legal headaches that will haunt them for decades to come.

2 thoughts on “Emails Show Don Jr. and Ivanka Defrauded Condo Investors

  1. The usual way to act when you are bought up by a criminal liar and thief. Just hope I get to see the retribution to this family of such deceit and corruption. Sadly this outfit of evil have caused so many innocent people to suffer How much more must the good people of America have to endure at the hands of the sales man trump and his crew of sleaze. Sick of the display of opulence and the attempt at looking like they are some kind of royal breed,. Only one name for this breed and it start with M o n g

  2. “exaggerated how well the condos were selling in a ploy to lure more buyers.”
    rich and stupid, just the way trump likes them.

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