Eric Trump Claims His Dad’s Bragging About Sexual Assault Is Due To His ‘Alpha Personality’

Eric Trump, who has made a habit of saying things that are even more offensive than his father, has tried to excuse the comments his father made in 2016 on Access Hollywood regarding sexually assaulting women as just part of what powerful men do, saying:

“I think sometimes when guys are together they get carried away, and sometimes that’s what happens when alpha personalities are in the same presence.”

Is that right? I’ve heard some pretty stupid excuses for men acting like jackasses, but that’s a new one on me, Eric.

Next, the spawn of Trump attempted to minimize his father’s actions and blame it all on…you guessed it, Bill and Hillary Clinton:

“And, listen, my father apologized for it. He was right to apologize for it, and I’m glad he apologized for it. At the same time, if you look at her track record with women, it’s horrible. It’s absolutely horrible.”

Yes, rationalize, minimize, and then shift blame to others. Classic behavior for a sociopath, which Donald (and I’m beginning to think Eric) clearly is.

Donald Trump has nothing but hatred, bile, and misogyny to offer this country. He truly is a deplorable human being. Then again, so is his son, Eric.

48 thoughts on “Eric Trump Claims His Dad’s Bragging About Sexual Assault Is Due To His ‘Alpha Personality’

      • There is no amount of money in the world the world that would induce me to have anything to do with these men, clothed, unclothed or any other form of dress.

        • pretty common trend among many who have so much money that they can afford to buy power. when you run out of material things to buy cause you have everything you ever wanted it seems you loom for power. then when you attain power over people you belive you are above them or the law, in which case commiting acts that are very similar to what donald Chump does happen frequently. I mean look at trump. he’s fat, he’s a rude asshole, he’s old, & not the most handsome, so of course he’s out there tryn to take what isn’t his.

  1. What would you say if somsone did it to you daughter god forbid it would happen it should not happen but just think aboy tha or are you as stupid as you dad!

  2. It’s actually part of a very immature juvenile delinquent personality whose parenting was non-existent and who mimics the man he hates in order to gain approval, In both cases. Like Father, like son.

  3. Hey Beaver face, TWO wrongs never have and never will make the first wrong right. But I remember, and will bet good money that – if honest – most folk will admit each of us tried to WEASEL out of childhood mistakes (and they felt genuinely major to us then) by saying, ” but mom/dad, (fill in the name) did it first” MY ADMISSION: One evening after school, 3-4th grade, upon completing a call from the mother of a schoolmate, my mother called me in, sat me down and asked me “Why did you call Tom a fucker?” (definitely NOT a word ever used in my home by anyone) “He called me one first,” I replied. While my response was genuine and honest, looking back, I didn’t take my responsibility. The caveat is I was 7-8 years old. What’s 45’s excuse. Keep this going and add YOUR own personal experience. We may alkl learn something, but if not; we’re guaranteed many a laffs

  4. Feel sorry for you Eric, you did not have a man as your father, but a malicious narcissist. Gentlemen NEVER denigrate anyone, worse a female…

  5. We are alpha males. We pee on bushes, wipe our behinds on leaves, kill endangered species on hunting compounds, rape maids, bury prostitutes in cornfields, cheat on our wives, and commit ruthless and illegal acts to rob people of their life savings…we’re many alpha male men.

    • I agree too. Locker room talk by the kind of man who believes he has the right to act like that and then brag about it.

  6. Actually, agree with Eric Trump. Trump père’s remarks were simply locker room talk.

    And let’s not kid ourselves. Groups of women can make pretty raunchy comments when they get together, also.

    • If this is your idea of locker-room talk, if bragging about how you can physically or sexually abuse ANY gender, simply because of the power you wield or the number of times your flabby face has appeared on TV, if you are a Jimmy Saville, or Rolf Harris or Australian Cardinal or paedophile Priest, or Gun-toting cop who uses his power to rape suspects AND Victims, or Prime Minister, President, Movie Star, Casting Agent, Sports Coach, or ANY of the self-titled “Alphas” be they Male or Female who have abused their position of POWER for criminal ends, then for god’s sake don’t talk to me. ANYWHERE. You evidently cannot be trusted to restrict yourself to talk, as neither does the Drumpf.

      This was not about Male bonding or female ribaldry, (though god knows women have EARNED the right to denigrate men after 200,000 years of oppression). This was a powerful pr*ck demonstrating how he uses that power to assault young women. I notice he never talks about sexually oppressing women his own age. They would probably SHOW him what stilettos are actually for.

      This zero of a man used his wealth to BUY access to young girl’s locker-rooms. set up a Trafficking Enterprise to obtain a steady supply of vulnerable teen girls, had the arrogance to suppose that his wealth was worth more than a teenager’s mental health. This creep didn’t just talk in locker-rooms, (I doubt he’s ever been in one) he bragged about his lust for his own child on National Television.

      This is what Sodom and Gomorrah has sunk to, this IS The SWAMP that those like you have filled with all that is heinous, vile, obscene and destructive. I thank the Universe I shall soon be dead, being on this planet with those who think like you is worse than an Eternity in the Fires of Hell.

      • Awrence, I applaud you for sharing thoughts that downgrade the assanign comments of “Baby” Eric. LOVE vs LUST; RESPECT vs ABUSE.

        Donnie, Jr., you seem to validate treating women as “objects of abuse in either word or action.” Would you want others to degrade your wife. your mother?????

      • Thank you Rachel.

        But isn’t it sad, demoralising and depressing to have to say these truths about the supposed “Leader” of the Free World?

        If THIS miserable and ineffectual excuse for a man is what now passes as a “Leader” then one has to ask “What Road to Hell are we being led to?” and perhaps more importantly, “Why are we allowing ourselves to be led there?”

        They say the Road to Hell is paved with GOOD intentions. I disagree, it is paved with weak, supine acceptance of Evil and an absolute lack of Moral Certitude or courage to resist.

    • Tory, maybe so….but how about presidents of the United States? Should we excuse him for EVERYTHING???!!

    • BUT, do you see any of those women who like to trash talk, running for public office? Yeah, me neither. And we didn’t have a president who talked like that in public, either. Until now. My question is, what WOULD offend trump supporters if none of this crap has?

    • I agree, women can be pretty raunchy, too. I have six sisters and 20 female cousins, not to mention the untold number of female friends I’ve had over the years, so I’ve heard some pretty risqué talk. However,I’ve never heard a woman talk about forcing themselves on a man. Ever. That crosses a very definitive line.

  7. Laurence, you’re getting a little over excited there.

    I happen to agree with you that walking into young girls’ locker rooms is WAY out of line, and possibly criminal. If it happened, he should have been prosecuted.

    As for what you suppose was Trump’s bragging about assaulting women, I think that was just bullshitting. I don’t take those remarks as anything but story telling.

    And I don’t think Trump was expressing lust for his own daughter when he said he’d date her if she wasn’t his daughter. I think he was saying that his daughter was a fine, hard-working young woman with a good mind, and he admired and respected her enough so that she’d be the sort of woman he’d want to ask out, if she wasn’t his daughter. Calling his remarks lust suggests a dirty mind on your part. Look into your own heart, sir, before casting stones.

    • After 35 years in Private Practice as a Psychotherapist as well as Lecturing in Psychology at College, I think I am probably better placed than you to assess behaviour and it’s consequences.

      Opinion is fine, but practical experience of counselling victims of abuse has more foundation as one learns how to spot the signs, read the non-verbal language, understand the dynamics of both abuser and victim.

      Sadly, attitudes and opinions like yours are what have enabled the serial molesters, rapists and predators to thrive and prosper in all walks of life. You never have to deal with the consequences and you cannot begin to understand the damage that is done or the effects on entire families. How many “Celebrities” have used their public persona’s to victimise children, women and teens? Of BOTH genders. All the while being permitted access by those like you. Of course no man is EVER guilty of crimes of sexual abuse and domination.

      I myself have treated umpteen victims of incest, violent abuse and even rape. I trust MY assessment and that of the countless other EXPERTS in this field who have come to the same conclusion with more confidence than your naive (putting it kindly) opinion. The common thread running through ALL cases is the absolute fearful unwillingness of the victims to report their attacker.

      One remark may pass innocently, a lifetime of use of power to attack, demean, abuse and assault physically or emotionally a Regiment of woman and girls is a pathological condition. Overt behaviour, calculated and systematic strategies to obtain unrestricted access to naked females, such as the Miss World Contest or setting up a fake Modelling Agency (now under criminal investigation) which recruited under-age Eastern European (former USSR satellites – there’s that Russian Link again. What did Putin say about Russian Prostitutes being the World’s best?) girls many of whom seem to have vanished, and were put at risk by the illegal working without valid papers, (it’s in the News Reports). The association – as in a Boys Club – with those also in power like Ailes, “O’Really”, Hannity, and many others subsequently charged and convicted is indicative of a mind-set at the very least.

      I hope that you never have to face a child or adult who suffered because of YOUR insouciance and acceptance of the unacceptable.

    • Wow. Tory! You are the genuine article: a full on fucking idiot. Do you EVER listen to yourself?

      • I think you got mixed up. TRMP said he was attracted to his daughter when she was 13. I didn’t say I was. I would never be attracted to anyone in that family ANY age or sex! They are criminals. KT Good

    • Folks we have found the ultimate moron against which all future morons will be measured. Congrats Tory for setting the standard

    • Tory, You are so very wrong in your thinking. He did lust after his daughter and has commented on her “physical attributes”. He is nothing but EVIL!

  8. hey scumbag–watch your dirty mouth–i can see your dad taught you well-what woman would want any one of you nasty, disgusting Trumpies.

  9. As a victim of abuse both sexual and physical abuse, at the hands of my father ( physical) and other men ( sexual) I can say this boy (45) has all of the classic signs. My father never thought he did anything wrong either. He never saw the welts covering our bodies as abuse. Nope. Just being a good dad. Never claimed any responsibility for his actions ( you made me, or flat out trying to make me believe I was a horrible child) . Like 45. His family seems stiff and uncomfortable standing by him. I see the victim in them. Victims can see. He obsesses over crowd size. My father did the same. Obsessing over how many were at his party. Twisting his wife’s finger. My father did the same. It ment hell was coming later. None of them meet his eyes. Anyone notice that? I did. I never met my rapists eyes after I saw him in school the next day. He can’t relate to the suffering of anyone but himself. After all it’s always the woman’s fault right? The child’s fault right? They shouldn’t dress so provocatively. They should just be good. Except I was wearing sweats and a t-shirt, except I was at the church volunteering to feed the homeless. Alpha males my ass! My husband is an alpha. He takes care of his family. He doesn’t beat his kids, and he sure as hell doesn’t objectify women! He will fight if he has to and admits when he is wrong. He is a real man. 45 and his son Eric? Little boys who need to go home and play with their blocks.

    • I totally empathise. I have been both victim and therapist. I too know the bully intimately, mother, step-father, foster-parents, Children’s Home Superintendents, school-yard thugs, Flat-mates and public witness to assault. I have counselled victims and even some perpetrators.

      I am fortunate that I discovered how scared most bullies are and that to stand up to them usually makes them run away crying. Something I have successfully practised many times.

      Abusers all share common traits. Firstly, they are ALL cowards. only seeking power in order to abuse it. They have no empathy or conscience, being utterly unaware of their crimes and the effects they have. The cannot even see it as criminal, but merely their right and privilege with their victims seen only as deserving of their contempt. As humans they are total failures, unable to achieve intimacy, even with themselves. Narcissistic and usually xenophobic, at the minimum; bigots if not actual violently hateful oppressors, they use power as a weapon not a tool.

      Trump and his entire family are tarred with the same brush, albeit with some different consequences, from the patently sexually abused daughter/enabler who possibly is also a recruiter for her father and siblings and the sons who see manhood as giving the right to kill defenceless endangered animals, at no risk to themselves and who willingly engage in criminal conspiracies as they relish the wickedness and cannot help but brag about it.

      In a wider context, Trump IS the Soul of America, a Nation founded on Crimes against Humanity, Decency and Morality. He epitomises all that is venal, wicked, destructive and cowardly, never having the guts to confront equals but only victimising weak and small, vulnerable and usually defenceless targets.

      As with ALL bullies, national or individual, their actions inevitably result in their downfall and the condemnation of their peers.

  10. STFU you justifying trash. I HAVE an alpha male, whose RESPECT for women AND his own sexual power is what MAKES him an alpha. Only Omegas (last!) need to brag and flaunt. If ya hafta say it, ya don’t have it.

  11. Actually, when I first listened to the tape where Trump was bragging about grabbing women by their genitals I didn’t perceive it as an alpha male talking to another alpha male. What it made me think of was a NON-ALPHA male TRYING to talk to an Alpha male and trying to win the Alpha’s approval by talking about women in a way that the non-alpha thought (with no true knowledge or understanding) that Alpha males would understand and approve of. It reminded me of watching teenaged boys who try to bond as equals with adult males by talking and acting in ways that they imagine (inaccurately in almost every instance) are in synch with the actual behavior of adult men.

    Trump is NOT an Alpha male. He likes to think that he is, and he pretends to be an Alpha, but he has no understanding what truly Dominant male personalities are like; no bully, rapist, or violent abuser ever possibly could understand the true essence of an Alpha male’s personality. An Alpha male’s dominance is internal in nature; it comes from a personal awareness of One’s own self-worth, a sense of personal responsibility, and a desire to protect those who are unable to defend themselves and is not reliant upon external displays of strength against someone who should be protected, not assaulted. The statements of Trump’s misborn spawn are illustrative: not only does he lack the awareness of how true Alpha males think and speak, but just like his father he lacks the capacity to grow into that understanding.

  12. If only I knew how to Photoshop… Then I could show the world what I think Eric, Jr., and their dad really are! (Hint….E’s mouth and ✋)

  13. I almost hope that Eric Trump tries to mess with some lady who is packing heat in a groin holster, and that she shoots off his testicles since I oppose people getting killed.

  14. this Trump outfit sure has an most unhealthy way of regarding any person whether it is a man or a women It is a disgrace to all who have to watch this family of disgust in front of us Nothing to be proud of in any one of them No kind of role model for our children nor the world. A plastic plasticized outfit not fit to run a Zoo.

  15. Re-reading these comments, I am heartened by the fact that the MAJORITY have the humanity and moral compass to recognise just what disgusting parodies of manhood the Drumpf’s are. ALL of them.

    What saddens and depresses me is that there are still those who kneel at the feet of these monsters and condone and conspire with them to make the abhorrent normal! What chance does our species have of EVER reaching an Adult Status when there are enablers like these dragging us down into the Pit?

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