Eric Trump Gets Caught In Apparent Lie About A ‘Friend’ Who Had Trouble Voting By Mail

Another day, another attempt by a member of the Trump family to undermine the validity of the 2020 election, probably because they can sense that the current president is on his way to becoming a failed, one-term head of state.

In today’s episode of “As the Trump Lies,” we have Eric Trump, who is allegedly the executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the Trump Organization. In other words, he’s got a job his daddy gave to him, probably because no one else would hire him.

According to Eric, he has a “friend” who was mailed multiple absentee ballots for a school district election:

First of all, if six different ballots were mailed to the person’s house, that’s a problem with the voter registration process, NOT with the fact that the person was voting by mail.

Secondly (and most importantly), is that if the “friend” had faced such a quandary, he should have kept the ballots he was mailed. So where are they? If you’re going to make such an allegation, you should have the receipts to prove it happened.

The reason for the concerted Trump attacks on the vote are simple and selfish: To make Americans distrust the results. That way, if Joe Biden were to win a close election in November, the president’s allies can try and sell a narrative that somehow the election was stolen.

Very few people were willing to give Eric the benefit of the doubt about his “friend,” who is imaginary until he proves otherwise:

Here’s a lesson Eric and his father should have learned in elementary school from the children’s story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”: When you repeatedly lie and deceive people, pretty soon no one believes a damn word you say. Not even a “friend.”

One thought on “Eric Trump Gets Caught In Apparent Lie About A ‘Friend’ Who Had Trouble Voting By Mail

  1. Trump and his sprogs continue to disgust. But while all the insignificant behaviours that we all should know by know are just a distraction that trump uses for the main events Forget the elections. His contacts with Nth Korea and what they promised as the present for Trump after Kim rode into the mountains on his white horse?? Trump with his promise of how the bombs and fireworks would begin if he does not win?? Well I guess when we have the possibility of threat to the explosive device used today in Lebanon my thought seems to go to the conversations traitor trumps have with Russian and other rogue states that use chemicals and sneak attacks all seemingly sanctioned by the resident in the white house. He is the perfect patsy and dick head that the like of russia need to do their dirty deeds It is time to take of those ridiculous rose tinted glasses and start digging a little bit more into the activities of the criminals in that white house Time is of the essence and is running out as this old girl feels.

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