Don Jr. And Eric Claim Their Father Lost Arizona Due To A Bias Against…Sharpie Pens?!

Donald Trump Jr. and his brother, Eric, are trying desperately to push an absurd conspiracy theory that their father lost the state of Arizona to Joe Biden because some of the president’s supporters used Sharpie pens to fill out their absentee ballots and that led to those ballots being rejected by election officials. Yes, really. […]

Eric Trump: My Lack Of Social Media Likes Is The ‘#1 Issue In American Politics’

If you polled American voters right now and asked them what the most important issue in the country is, you’d probably get a list that included the COVID-19 pandemic, health care, and the economy But it’s safe to say one issue that probably wouldn’t be on that list is social media and its alleged bias […]

Old Photo Of Trump Introducing Young Eric & Ivanka To Jeffrey Epstein Is Creeping People Out

Donald Trump hangs out with some interesting people, but perhaps none is more notorious than the late Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted on charges of soliciting prostitution in response to allegations that he had molested dozens of underage girls. Epstein, you’ll recall, died in federal custody last year while awaiting trail for sex trafficking. The cause of death […]

Eric Trump Tries To Troll Joe Biden And Only Winds Up Embarrassing His Own Father

Trump spawn Eric thought it’d be a really great idea to try and make fun of Joe Biden on Twitter, but all he managed to accomplish was reinforcing the widely-held belief that he’s a buffoon and embarrassing his own father. HuffPost reports that Eric, who serves as executive vice president of the Trump Organization, tried […]

Eric Trump Has A Full-Scale Shouting Meltdown When Asked About His Daddy’s Shady Finances

Maybe you’ve noticed that whenever you ask a member of the Trump family about their business, finances, or taxes, they tend to immediately get defensive and try to change the subject. Why? Probably because they know there’s lots of skeletons in the closet and they don’t want any of their business dealings to see the […]

Eric Trump Claims His Daddy ‘Literally Saved Christianity’

In the surest sign yet that Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is indeed in the crapper and desperately trying to find reasons any American should vote for him, we now learn that the current president saved Christianity. Yes, you read that correctly. Donald Trump — the most godless heathen to ever inhabit the White House — […]

Eric Trump Gets Mocked And Humiliated For Saying He’s More ‘Honest’ Than Hunter Biden

Over the past four years, we’ve all come to realize that Donald Trump’s two oldest sons, Don Jr. and Eric, are indeed just as clueless as their daddy, but in some ways they’re even more annoying because neither has ever accomplished anything in their lives. It was all handed to them by their old man. […]

New York Attorney General Tish James Lets Eric Trump Know He’ll Obey Her Subpoena – Or Else

Back in July, Eric Trump was scheduled to comply with a subpoena issued by the office of Tish James, the New York Attorney General and sit for an interview under oath. But two days before he had promised to appear, he backed out. A month later, James went to court in order to compel Eric, […]

Eric Trump Gets Humiliated For Demanding That Reporters Apologize To His Daddy

Ever since the story broke in The Atlantic suggesting that President Donald Trump had called American veterans who died for their country “suckers” and “loser,” the White House has been in damage control mode, desperately trying to discredit the report, even though it has now been confirmed by other media outlets, including Trump TV, aka […]

Eric Trump Gets Humiliated For Whining About Being Under Criminal Investigation In New York

On Monday, Eric Trump was named in civil suit brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James which alleges the Trump Organization has committed fraud by inflating the value of its assets in order to obtain financing from banks. In a statement with the court filing by the AG’s office, James commented: “Nothing will stop […]