Eric Trump Gets Mocked And Humiliated For Saying He’s More ‘Honest’ Than Hunter Biden

Over the past four years, we’ve all come to realize that Donald Trump’s two oldest sons, Don Jr. and Eric, are indeed just as clueless as their daddy, but in some ways they’re even more annoying because neither has ever accomplished anything in their lives. It was all handed to them by their old man.

Eric, it should be noted, has largely avoided getting involved in politics, unlike his older brother, who clearly sees himself as the next President Trump, which will never happen.

Now, however, Eric is facing serious legal problems as the Attorney General of New York is demanding that he sit for an interview in response to a subpoena. Since Eric is executive vice president of the Trump Organization, he’s the logical person to respond to charges that the company may have committed fraud over the years.

But rather than be a man about what’s ahead of him, Eric went on Twitter and started whining, even going to far as to suggest he was far superior to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter:

Woe is me! I’ve been such a good boy, and now they want to crucify me. Boo hoo!

But as others on Twitter quickly reminded Eric, he’s not even close to being the saint he’s pretending to be:

Eric does have one leg up on Hunter Biden: He looks a hell of a lot more like the illegitimate son of Gary Busey than anyone else on the face of the planet.

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