Expert: Majority Of Oregon Militia Thugs Likely Broke, Unemployed, Or On Disability

The irony seeping off this story is so freaking thick that you’d need a chainsaw to clear a path through it.

As the occupation and control of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by so-called “militants” nears the one week mark, it’s instructive to consider what experts say about these self-proclaimed militia members and what they are really doing with their lives as they follow their own misguided political philosophy.

For example, what kind of jobs do most of these losers have? According to Mark Pitcavage,  an expert who has studied far-right movements for 22 years, most militia members live hand to mouth:

“These guys are broke. Right-wing extremists, generally speaking, have very little money.”

Gee, no wonder they’re so pissed off and don’t think freeloading ranchers should have to pay grazing fees to the federal government.

Many of these pretend soldiers have also left their wives and children behind as they try to play like they have some kind of backbone by believing in the radical rantings of loose cannons such as Nevada landowner Cliven Bundy.

One militia member who did actually have a paying job, Jason Patrick, of Georgia, says he was fired from his $80,000-a-year roofing job—complete with benefits and a company truck—because he took off for Oregon without giving any notice and had already used up his vacation days going across the country to other Patriot-inspired events. Patrick commented:

“I didn’t get to give appropriate notice. The Constitution is more important.”

Be sure and let us all know when the Constitution starts paying your bills and putting food on the table, Jason.

According to Daryl Johnson, a former domestic terrorism analyst for the Department of Homeland Security, militia members have strange priorities when it comes to choosing between their beliefs and their families:

“They’ll think nothing about taking half their paycheck and using half of it to buy ammunition and guns.”

Forget about diapers for the baby, sweetie! I just bought a cool new AR-15 and plenty of ammo! We livin’ high now!

Jon Ritzheimer, who has gained infamy and slavish media attention from Fox News by organizing anti-Muslim rallies from his Arizona home, reports that he gets by on his veterans’ disability pay, and that he’s also “lucky to have a wife who works.”

Get outta bed and get to work, honey! Papa’s gotta go defend freedom in Oregon!

In other words, most of these guys (and some gals) are bums who think nothing of taking handouts from anyone who will help support their ridiculous way of life. And yet they want us to admire them?

I admire my dog more than I do these asshats. At least she gives me love and protection.

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