Political Poetry by Cyndi Watson

It started with Nixon with lies and deceit, it got so bad that he got himself impeached.

Then there was Ford, who wasn’t too bad, he wasn’t there long enough to make us too mad.

Along came Jimmy who tried his best, to go in and try to clean up their mess.

Jimmy did great things in the time that he had, but along came Reagan and things got really bad!

We lived for eight years with this Hollywood clown, who gave us Iran Contra and Trickle Down.

We should have known better at the things that he had done, but instead we voted for Bush number one.

It took twelve long years to realize we had had our fill, so we finally wised up and we elected Bill.

For eight good years we were number one, Bill tried to make the best of the damage they had done.

Al Gore he tried and gave it a run, the popular vote said that he won, but the Supreme Court said NO!
We’re giving it to a Bush son.

So with a Devil named Dick pulling the strings of the son of a Bush along came bad things.

They said that they would keep us all very safe, but all they did was tell lies to our face.

They told us big lies and started a war, fleecing the pockets of the middle class and poor.

It took eight years to realize all the bad things that they had done, by a Devil named Dick and a Bushes son.

It would only get worse we knew for a fact, if we didn’t elect the man named Barack.

The Republicans were shocked that Obama had won, and vowed to make his term only one.

Everyday for four long years they went on Fox, to spread their lies and exploit our fears.

The Republicans they thought that we were all so very dumb, but again Obama ran and four more years were won.

And now that our President comes to the end of his term, we must not forget the things we have learned.

We still don’t know who our pick will be, but a Republican in the White House I just can’t see!

There are but a few choices for the President we know, and there is only one thing we can do, we must come together and we all must #VoteBlue!

Copyright 2016 by Cyndi Watson

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