Former FBI Official Predicts: Mueller’s Next Indictments Will Be For Collusion

According to a report from NBC News earlier this week, the Russia investigation being conducted being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller may conclude as soon as mid-February of next year. If so, that means that Mueller now has all of the evidence he needs to write his final report and also for any further indictments.

But what will those indictments entail? What crimes will be contained in them, and who might be named on those indictments?

Former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzi was a guest on MSNBC this weekend, and he told host Richard Lui that recent developments such as the sentencing of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen suggest the next move from Mueller will be charges of collusion and conspiracy:

“If I’m Mueller after this week of developments, here’s what I do: I’m going to stay on course with the strategy of making the report to (Acting Attorney General Matt) Whitaker secondary to telling the full story through speaking indictments. If we’re talking about a February wrap up, the next shoes to fall, I predict, will be Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi. And look for those indictments to tell us a story that includes Russian collusion.”

MSNBC reporter Danny Cevallos agreed with Figliuzzi, adding:

“Mueller has been speaking to us the entire time, through his indictments filled with detail, the kind of detail that you don’t normally see in an indictment.”

Figliuzzi even had some advice for longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone: Get ready for the Mueller hammer:

“If I’m Roger Stone, I’m spending the holidays with my family, I’m getting my affairs in order because I’m anticipating either cooperating fully or being indicted. Everything he said so far indicates he is not going to cooperate, so I think that’s next up.”

Stone allegedly had contact with WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, during the campaign, and also allegedly fed leaked information from Russia to the Trump campaign. It’s long been believed that Stone knows the full story of the Russian conspiracy from the inside and can directly implicate Trump.

The Russia probe is about to heat up, and it’s going to burn the traitor in the Oval Office.

Here’s the segment from MSNBC:

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