Former GOP Congressman Says It’s OK To Attack Widow Of Dead Soldier (TWEETS)

The latest incarnation of Mindless Trump Defender Syndrome by a Republican comes from former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh, who thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to attack Gold Star widows who have lost their husband in service the country.

Monday morning, Walsh came to the defense of President Trump, who was upset that the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson had said Trump never mentioned her husband by name when he called to offer condolences. Trump posted this on Twitter:

So Walsh thought he’d pour some gas on the situation:

It’s OK to attack a Gold Star widow because she didn’t like the call she received? Are you freaking kidding me, Joe? Since when is it acceptable to go after family members of slain military heroes just days after their loved one was laid to rest will full honors?

Walsh got plenty of replies to his heartless tweet:

People like Joe Walsh and Donald Trump are fond of trying to lecture us all on what patriotism and sacrifice means. But they only prove their own heartless vanity when they do so.

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