Former Staffer: Trump’s Emergency Visit To Walter Reed In 2019 Was Caused By Excessive Drug Use

If you’ve ever watched Donald Trump give a speech, you’ve probably noticed that he often sniffs a lot, slurs his words, and appears to have extremely dilated pupils. All of those are signs of drug usage, which Trump has been accused of for decades.

More specifically, it’s alleged that Trump is fond of amphetamines and has reportedly been seen snorting crushed up Adderall by members of his production team when he was still starring on “The Apprentice.”

Now think back to last November and that unscheduled visit Trump made to Walter Reed Medical Center. What was that all about? There was rampant speculation that the president might have suffered a mild cardiac event or mini-stroke that had to be immediately looked at by doctors.

Afterwards, however, Trump’s physician, Sean Conley, had this to say about the unscheduled hospital visit by the head of state:

“Despite some of the speculation, the president has not had any chest pain, nor was he evaluated or treated for any urgent or acute issues. Specifically, he did not undergo any specialized cardiac or neurological evaluations.”

But a former showrunner on “The Apprentice,” Noel Casler, says the real reason for the emergency trip to Walter Reed had everything to do with Trump’s rumored drug usage. Casler, who now works as a stand-up comedian, posted this on Twitter:

For years, Donald Trump has claimed that he’s in excellent health. But consider these undeniable facts:

  • He’s overweight
  • His diet consists of fast food
  • He doesn’t exercise
  • He refuses to release his medical records

Maybe we need to demand that every candidate for the White House take a drug test when they announce for office and then monthly thereafter. Employers and the military do this all the time. And the presidency is the most important job of all.

So, Donald, ready to fill the specimen cup, or is that only required for Russian hookers when you’re visiting Moscow?

2 thoughts on “Former Staffer: Trump’s Emergency Visit To Walter Reed In 2019 Was Caused By Excessive Drug Use

  1. So potus is not only uselus but gutlus we know but a druggie wow as well as a thuggie that sure is hard to blow… Get the FBI to get rid of this ugly outfit.

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