Former Trump Organization Executive Says The Donald Didn’t Want ‘Black Kids’ In His Hotel

Donald Trump loves to brag that he’s the best president for African-Americans since Abraham Lincoln. He also denies that he’s the least bit racist. Both of those claims are complete bullshit, but we’ve come to expect endless lies since Trump took office.

Now there’s a new tell-all book from Barbara Res, who worked for 18 years as a top executive with the Trump Organization, and she’s spilling the beans on just how disgustingly racist and anti-Semitic Trump has always been.

The book, entitled Tower of Lies, will be released on October 20, but some portions of it are already leaking out thanks to a review from the Los Angeles Times, Mediate reports:

“Res’s book describes in detail a wide variety of bigoted and ugly comments she says she heard Trump say, like demanding that Res have a Black construction worker removed from a job site because he didn’t ‘want people to think that Trump Tower is being built by Black people,’ or becoming angry at the sight of a young Black job applicant in the building lobby. ‘Barbara, I don’t want Black kids sitting in the lobby where people come to buy million-dollar apartments!’ he reportedly said.”

Res also details something Trump said after he hired a residential manager from Germany because he thought his German heritage would guarantee he was especially clean and orderly. Trump later told some of the Jewish executives working for him:

“This guy still reminisces about the ovens, so you guys better watch out for him.”

And let’s not forget what a toxic misogynist Donald Trump is. Res has that covered, too:

“(Trump’s) frequent graphic comments about women’s appearances and his sexual conquests — the likes of which the entire world witnessed when the Access Hollywood tape was released shortly before the 2016 election. She also claims Trump forced her to fire a woman after she became pregnant and banned her own secretary from big meetings because she didn’t look like a model.”

None of this should surprise anyone. After all, this is the very same Donald Trump who refused to rent to black people and was sued by the U.S. government for doing so. And it’s also the same Trump who said he only trusted Jews to handle his money.

Donald Trump has zero redeeming qualities. Not a one. And he never will.

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