Founder Of Oath Keepers Preparing For War With Liberals And Islamists (Video)

The founder of Oath Keepers, the radical group which is affiliated with antigovernment “patriot” movement, says war is coming soon, and he and his followers are preparing to battle a coalition of liberals, Islamists, and drug cartels. Perhaps he’d be better off fighting against his own massive ignorance and hatred, but that would require introspection, which Rhodes and his fellow domestic terrorists don’t possess a capability for.

Speaking to fellow lunatic fringer Alex Jones, Rhodes claimed the Oath Keepers are building new chapters on college campuses, and issued a threat to any student who might want to burn an American flag, a protected form of free expression:

“You’re going to get stomped. That’s what’s going to happen to them. I know a lot of veterans, the first time they see some radical leftist trampling on a flag or burning a flag, they’re going to kick their ass. I know you can say it’s free speech, but the veteran doesn’t care about that. In his mind, it’s not free speech, that’s not protected speech, it’s incitement to violence so he’s going to go ahead and use it.”

Rhodes then alleged that European leaders are inviting “jihadists” to set up:

“A future Tet Offensive, Tet-style offensive in Europe and the same thing is being done to this country, so if we just sit back, they’ll win because they’ll just cause the chaos they’ll use as creative destruction.”

Oath Keepers, Rhodes promised, will:

“Fight in the street (against) the jihadists and the cartels and the gangs and these radical Black Lives Matter people and the black anarchists, the black flag anarchists; they are all just force multipliers and proxies, just as we saw during the Cold War with communism.”

Ah yes, the good old Cold War, when Rhodes and his fellow extremists had a clearly identifiable enemy they could direct their hatred towards. In the absence of the communist threat, they must now turn their vitriol on those they disagree with right here at home.

If you’d like to hear more of Rhodes’ crazy rantings, take a listen to his conversation with Alex  Jones:

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