Fox Host Calls Out Trump Campaign Manager For Trying To Link The Russia Probe To Hillary (VIDEO)

Apparently, even the hosts at Fox “News” can only tolerate so much BS when it comes to the lies Trump supporters are belching out all over the cable TV shows in reaction to the indictments announced last week in the Russia investigation.

Former Trump campaign manager — and perennial douche nozzle — Corey Lewandowski appeared on Fox Monday and was asked if it wasn’t premature (an apt word to use in connection with Trump) for Donnie to be saying he was “vindicated” by the latest indictments. Lewandowski replied:

“The most important thing that [Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein] outlined was that the Russians attempted to interfere starting in May 2014. Which is 15 months before Donald Trump ever became a candidate.”

Host Arthel Neville added some facts Lewandowski had neglected to mention:

“The special counsel’s office said the influence campaign launched in 2014 eventually turned to support — quote — the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump and disparaging Hillary Clinton. Now that President Trump feels ‘case over, no collusion,’ will President Trump now focus with ferocity on punishing Russia for trying to discredit our democracy and impose sanctions, which are already passed by Congress?”

Instead of answering the question, Lewandowski pulled a Trump and tried to pivot to the Clinton campaign:

“You have to remember, there was only one presidential campaign in this cycle that actively coordinated with somebody tied to Russia. And that’s Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”

Here we go again! Blame Hillary or Obama. It’s the first sentence on the very first page of the Trump diversionary playbook.

Neville repeated her question:

“Corey, would you recommend the president do that? Would you recommend the president now move forward and forcefully against Russia, sanctioning them for meddling in our democracy?”

Lewandowski sounded like a broken record, again stating:

“What we have to do is we have to hold the people accountable who tried to impact this election. And that’s the Clinton campaign.”

That was all Neville intended to take, so she leveled Corey with this:

“I’m not here to talk about the Clintons at the moment. Because really, it’s a big deal if Russia is trying to undermine our democracy. And we are American citizens and we would not want that to happen.”

Eventually, Lewandowski managed to mutter that anyone who interferes with the outcome of an American election should:

“Spend the rest of their lives in jail because our democracy is so sacred.”

In that case, let’s start with Donald Trump and his family. We can tell them Corey sent us.

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