Is Fox News Host Sean Hannity Also Under Investigation By Robert Mueller?

Ever since Donald Trump announced he was running for president, Fox News host Sean Hannity has been one of his biggest cheerleaders, defenders, and apologists. But it now looks like Hannity, much like his political savior, may have gone afoul of the law and be in the crosshairs of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The reason Hannity may be on Mueller’s radar screen? It all has to do with former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. While we’ve long known that Hannity is in close contact with Trump, it turns out he’s also communicated with Manafort, who was indicted by Mueller in late 2017.

Not long after the election, Manafort appeared on Hannity’s show, and Hannity commented:

“You and I stayed in touch, when you were in the campaign, when you left the campaign, you never lost confidence.”

That interview had been largely forgotten by most people, but it came to light again when it was dug up by the Democratic Coalition and posted on Twitter:

Also, it should be noted that Manafort has been under surveillance as part of a FISA warrant issued back in 2016. If Hannity spoke to Manafort on the phone or via another electronic device, the chances are good he was also recorded and anything he said to Manafort could wind up being used against him. Can you imagine the look on Hannity’s smug face if his name winds up being on one of those yet unsealed indictments on file at the federal courthouse in Washington, D.C.?

If Hannity played any role or has any connection to illegal activities which took place during the 2016 election, he deserves to be treated like any of the other traitors who conspired to steal the White House for Donald Trump.

2 thoughts on “Is Fox News Host Sean Hannity Also Under Investigation By Robert Mueller?

  1. It is Paul Ryan commitment to distory social security and Medicare and Medicaid. He forgets that he and his mother were helped with this program. We must keep these programs for seniors, because they paid for them..

  2. The President has defiantly spearheaded the United States with flashy circumstances that has destroyed Worldwide recognition of the United States as being another Leading Country for advancing human rights. This Country has been now listed as a Country that is nothing other than an aggressive agenda Country using past agenda Presidents’ as a means to destroy what was trial and error, now a disaster.

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