Fox’s Andrea Tantaros: Focus On Campus Sexual Assault Is ‘A War On Boys’

Leave it to one of the intellectually-challenged hosts at Fox News to take the serious subject of campus sexual assault and attempt to spin it so it turns into a war on males.

Andrea Tantaros, who is known for making asinine and fact-free statements on a daily basis, is the latest Fox talking head to come to the defense of the indefensible. While part of a discussion of the recently retracted report in “Rolling Stone” about a student at the University of Virginia who claimed to have been gang raped, Tantaros decided to let loosewith a full venting of her spleen, perhaps because her brain didn’t bother to show up for the day:

“This is the most dangerous form of journalism. They’re just looking for stories, and if they don’t get them then they’ll just make it up. But there’s a bigger theme happening here. This hurts women, this hurts victims of sexual assault, and I’m going to speak slowly so all the feminist blogs can get this one because I’m sure they’ll clip it.”

As if Tantaros has any idea what journalism is in the first place. Consider: She works at Fox News and has as much experience as a serious journalist as my dog does. She has worked professionally as a press secretary and for a public relations firm. I rest my case.

This pathetic excuse for a real reporter then decided she would go whole hog and slag every woman who has ever been sexually assaulted by declaring:

“There is a war happening. On boys. On these college campuses. So you have Lena Dunham, Rolling Stone, it is a theme in this country to go after boys in this rape culture. There are absolutely legitimate reasons for them to do this. But what happens after they assassinate their character? What happens to Lena Dunham? What happens to these fraternity boys? Absolutely nothing. And it hurts the women and the victims at the end of the day the most.”

Maybe boys are the focus of these stories because they commit 99.9% of all the sexual assaults reported in the United States! I guess Ms. Tantaros can’t handle figures that large because they tend to confuse her. As for it hurting the women and the victims, I have to say I completly disagree. Denying that there is a problem with sexual assault on college campuses is what harms victims and makes them reluctant to file a police report when they’re attacked.

If Andrea Tantaros and Fox want to take the side of the rapists in this debate, then they’re welcome to. But for them to pretend they care about women while they stand on the side of criminals is absolutely disgusting and inexcusable.

Watch Andrea Tantaros Blame The Victims!

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