Georgia Gun Nut Walks Around Atlanta Airport With Loaded AR-15–Says He’s Being Harassed

The last time you were at the airport, did you notice anyone other than security officials carrying a loaded gun? Well, if you want to see such a thing, I’d advise you to drop by Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, where a man did exactly that yesterday.

Jim Cooley was at the airport to drop his daughter off for a flight, and he thought he’s also strap on his AR-15 semiautomatic rifle–replete with a 100-round drum–and exercise his right to open carry under Georgia law. Why did he need such a weapon? Let’s allow Cooley to explain:

“It shouldn’t matter what I carry, just that I choose to carry. You never know where something might happen.”

You mean something like an open-carry nutbag with a weapon of mass destruction prowling the halls of the airport?

As it turns out, what Cooley did was perfectly legal. He even quoted the law and the restrictions for airports as if he were an attorney:

“You can carry in unsecured areas of the airport. Past TSA, never.”

As you might expect, a man with a loaded AR-15 drew more than a little attention from security personnel at the airport. Cooley was approached by a fire marshall and a police officer, both of whom asked him questions. He was also followed to his car by several officers who took photos of him. And Cooley says that makes him feel kinda harassed, kinda like a victim in this whole situation. Cooley, in typical gun nut fashion, rationalized his behavior by saying:

“If you don’t exercise your rights, the government doesn’t have any hesitation taking them away.”

Personally, I think someone should take Mr. Cooley away and have a long talk with him about why it’s a really bad idea to tote guns in airports.

Watch A News Report Of This Incident

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3 thoughts on “Georgia Gun Nut Walks Around Atlanta Airport With Loaded AR-15–Says He’s Being Harassed

  1. He’s a fucking idiot.. there are also laws about ‘menacing’, which what I’d call a guy with a cannon strapped to him walking around….

  2. This man is a typical skin head using the Second Amendment as cover so he can intimidate regular unarmed citizens. Depending on skin color or ethnicity. 1. I would suggest that the shoppers leave the store ,complain to the store they were going to shop in, and complain to the management of the Mall or Shopping Plaza. 2. I would suggest that the local politicians enact an ordinance that makes the Mall or Plaza disclose what the policy is towards Open Carry, Concealed Carry or the permission of assault rifles. 3. The Sign should be at entrances to the Mall/Shopping Center along with armed guards and security cameras. The Public would be informed and be able to decide for themselves if they want to enter a zone where crazy people with AK47s or hidden weapons are cruising.

  3. Man asserts Constitutional and State legal right. Idiots on leftist website claim he is a racist carrying a cannon followed by calls to create victim zones because they have an irrational phobia of improperly described guns and things that may or may not be there.

    Kinda like God.

    Oh wait, ya’ll freak out about that invisible thing too

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