GOP Insider Warns: Trump Is Blackmailing Lindsey Graham With Information About His ‘Sexual Kink’

Though it’s hard to believe now, there was actually a time when Lindsey Graham was one of Donald Trump’s harshest critics. Graham even predicted back in 2016 that if Trump was the GOP nominee, some very bad things were in the cards for Republicans:

Graham also encouraged the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ) to give the infamous Steele dossier to the FBI, Axios notes:

“Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham told CNN … that when Sen. John McCain was presented with the controversial Steele dossier alleging a Trump-Russia campaign conspiracy in December 2016, Graham urged him to hand it off to the FBI.”

And yet, this is the very same Lindsey Graham who helped shepherd the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh through the Senate Judiciary Committee, blowing a gasket when committee Democrats dared to raise issues of sexual assault against Kavanaugh, who was eventually confirmed in one of the closest votes in history.

Now Graham is once again in the headlines, defending Donald Trump despite his incriminating call with the Ukrainian president in which he suggested he wouldn’t release military aid until Ukraine dug up dirt on the family of former Vice President Joe Biden.

So what exactly is with Senator Graham? Why is he so eager to protect Trump, no matter what?

Perhaps it’s time we take another look at some information that came from Jon Cooper of the Democratic Coalition earlier this year. Cooper posted this on Twitter:

No one knows exactly what that “kink” could be, and the very thought of what bizarre things Graham could be involved in boggles the mind and induces nausea.

If anyone would have this information, it’s likely to be Trump, or some of the shady organized crime figures he’s done business with over the years.

Whatever the reason, let’s hope Graham’s secret becomes public knowledge soon, because in a state as conservative as South Carolina, a sex scandal could sink the his chances of re-election to the Senate in November.

9 thoughts on “GOP Insider Warns: Trump Is Blackmailing Lindsey Graham With Information About His ‘Sexual Kink’

  1. Obama was great for the country and trump is the very worse things that ever happen. Senator Cortez is a great person and I’m so glad she can’t be bought by trump and will stand up to him. These two people in my eyes are the best!

    It’s sad that trump has to us blackmail to keep graham on his side. Whatever his sexual pleasure is that his business, but if trump has to use that to get him on his side that show and tell what type of person trump truly is, he wants graham close to him why? If //graham is a freak that his personal business as long as he isn’t into young girls not women like trump use to and just maybe interested in.

    • I just like too know where his sister is an what she looks like. My be there’s pictures of her some where an I might be wrong she could have health or physical problems which keeps her out of the news in which I could say he’s a good brother taking care of her or there night be other reasons. Hell if he’s gay he’s no different than some other Republicans.

    • His sexual kink is probably very illegal, therefore it’s not just “his business” but the business of the FBI as well.

  2. Yes, the media is very fair it’s that when the true is told about trump he dismiss them as against him. If he stop all the lies the racist behavior, crazy talk it would be different but yes they are very fair and equal toward him. Trump you aren’t fair to the media you keep lying about them doing the jobs, when you aren’t doing your being to busy trying to play golf, mocking people and doing and saying stupid things on tvl

  3. Many words flash through my mind about Graham. Whatever he is, time this man has a good long look in the mirror. Surely the good people of America no matter what their choice of governance is their choice so deserve better than this continued display of smear, scandal, lies and inuendos, If graham has any decency left he would recognise his shame and step down not continue to drag the people with him. Adding to the mockery of the country is all that his behavior is invoking.

  4. Donald Trump raped this girl when she was thirteen and a girl who was nineteen at the time witnessed the rape Donald Trump paid the girl over 2 million dollars i before the election to drop the charges after threatening her and her family and she’s not the only girl Trump and Epstein raped Epstein provided young girls for rich men like Chris Andrew and Alan dershowitz and that’s why he was conveniently murdered in jail because he was about to tell everything because he was facing the rest of his life in jail Donald Trump is a gangster

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