Just Released Video Of Trump Dragging His Leg Raises New Questions About His Health

Given everything that’s going on in the nation and world these days, you can certainly be forgiven if you didn’t know that Donald Trump visited a laboratory in North Carolina on Tuesday that is doing research on a possible vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

However, the president did indeed visit the lab, and some footage of him walking around and talking to some of the people working there has just come to light that’s raising the issue of Trump’s health yet again. Specifically, the bizarre gait he has with his right leg. Take a look at the video and keep a close eye on how his right leg seems to be on a different page than the rest of his lower body:

See how the right leg sort of drags? When was the last time you saw anyone walk that way?

While some might say it’s wrong to make such a big deal of a video, keep in mind that the Trump campaign and the candidate have repeatedly suggested that Joe Biden is unfit for office. Trump also made a very big deal about Hillary Clinton’s health in 2016. So, as the old saying goes, turnabout is fair play.

What does all of this mean? Well, people have questions about whether or not Trump is fit for office, and it’s not just his unhinged tweets that lead them to that conclusion:

There is clearly something affecting the way Trump walks. Of course, chances are we won’t know what it is until long after he leaves office. And then — much the way we were shocked when we learned Reagan was serving in office with Alzheimer’s — we’ll probably look back and wonder why we didn’t notice it sooner.

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