GOP Insiders Say Three More Candidates Are Preparing To Drop Out…But Which Three?

Now that Rick Perry and Scott Walker have dropped out of the GOP race for the White House in 2016, speculation has begun as to who might be the next to fall. And GOP insiders have a list of three they say are very close to running out of money, which will spell doom for their campaigns.

The three mentioned most often as likely to drop out next are former New York Governor George Pataki (who?!), Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (he of the charisma of a rotting log), and possibly even Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Jindal in particular has been unable to generate any interest, and an Iowa Republican official told Politico:

“He’s become desperate. He’s taken to attacking Trump and has nothing going on here in Iowa.”

In New Hampshire, GOP insiders report that Pataki is the name that never gets mentioned when polling is done:

“There comes a point when his irrelevance becomes crystal clear even to him.”

As for Senator Paul, he is also attempting to run a difficult race to keep his Senate seat in 2016, and having his attention divided between Kentucky and the campaign for the White might well doom his chances, a New Hampshire Republican in the know told Politico:

“Rand Paul’s campaign [reeks] of the same stench of death that surrounded the Perry and Walker efforts before their demise. Paul’s polling is anemic, his fundraising is lagging, his campaign is disorganized and he is in danger of getting bumped off the main debate stage. He also has to consider when it’s time to cut bait and focus on running for reelection to the Senate. His time is running short.”

So it would appear that the clown car is about to get less crowded. It remains to be seen if that will add to or detract from the level of lunacy we have already witnessed.

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