Welcome To Karmaland, Carly! Backdrop Comes Crashing Down On Fiorina During Speech

While she was in San Antonio, Texas, last night, Carly Fiorina was doing her usual routine of telling as many lies as she could think of about what a great CEO she was (wrong!) and Planned Parenthood videos that don’t exist.

And the Karma with a capital K showed up and gave Carly some payback.

Shortly after Fiorina took to the stage and began to speak, the backdrop behind her began swaying and then collapsed, part of it landing on the failed Hewlett-Packard chief executive.

Fiorina seemed shaken by the incident, which was immediately reported on Twitter by a Julie Fine of NBC5:

Ms. Fiorina was not injured. One person in the crowd shouted out the name, “Trump!” and that prompted the smug Fiorina to comment:

“Trump, Hillary, it could have been lots of people.”

Yeah, you forgot to mention karma coming back to say hello for the massive lies that you’ve been telling ever since you announced your candidacy, Carly.

Later in the speech, Fiorina, according to Julie Fine, made this remark which is enough to chill anyone’s blood:

Carly, you aren’t even tough enough to find the truth and tell people that. The truth of how you nearly drove your company into bankruptcy. The truth of how you never saw a gruesome video from Planned Parenthood. The truth of your continued attempt to mislead every person you see on the campaign trail.

Keep stacking those lies atop one another, Carly, and pretty soon they’ll all come tumbling down. Kinda like that backdrop did.

Watch the Karma Catch Up With Carly

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