‘Grifter Hypocrite’ Ivanka Gets Destroyed For Celebrating Her Daddy Winning The State Of Alaska

On Wednesday, the Associated Press (AP) called the 2020 race in the state of Alaska, announcing that President Donald Trump won the state and its paltry three electoral votes, which don’t change a damn thing since Joe Biden continues to lead the incumbent 290 to 217.

Incumbent Alaska GOP Sen. Dan Sullivan was also declared the winner by the AP.

The Alaska result led Ivanka Trump to tweet out a ringing celebratory message to her father and Republicans:

Meanwhile, Ivanka’s daddy refuses to concede, even though the election was called on Saturday November 7. He’s also been tweeting out conspiracy theories and assorted lies about how the election has been stolen from him. Take a look:

It’s beyond pathetic when a 74-year-old man cannot accept that he lost and lost badly to his opponent. Next thing you know, Donnie will be putting his fingers in his ears and singing loudly whenever anyone tries to share factual information with him.

But social media was most pissed off by Ivanka’s celebration, especially since her father and his supporters have been whining that the media doesn’t get to decide who wins elections. The hypocrisy was too much for most to take:

Since the Trump family doesn’t believe the same rules apply to them that apply to the rest of us, here’s an idea: As soon as Joe Biden is sworn in, can we just go ahead and arrest the entire Trump clan and put them in prison until we can get around to putting them on trial? Now THAT would be worth celebrating.

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