Guest On Fox News Claims Women Are ‘Less Ambitious’ And ‘Happier At Home’ (Video)

Come with us now as we get into our Wayback Machine and travel to the long-since passed days of the early 1900s, when women stayed at home and society thought a woman’s role was to be perpetually barefoot, pregnant, and cooking something in the kitchen.

This is the very same world that Gavin McInnes harkened back to while appearing on the Fox News show “Hannity” Thursday evening. Mr. McInnes said women don’t have as much ambition as men and therefore need to stay at home and raise the kids.

McInnes, whose sole claim to fame seems to be that he is co-founder of Vice Media and adept at spitting out some of the most nausea-inducing crap this side of a sewage treatment plant, remarked:

“Women do earn less in American because they choose to. They would rather go to their daughter’s piano recital than stay all night at work, working on a proposal, so they end up earning less. They’re less ambitious. This is sort of God’s way — this is nature’s way — of saying women should be at home with the kids. They’re happier there.”

Tamara Holder, who was also a guest on the show, said she couldn’t believe McInnes was saying something so ridiculous, which only prompted him to continue with his soliloquy:

“If you were a real feminist you would support housewives and see them as the heroes and women who work wasting their time. You would be much happier at home with a husband and children.”

If you’re not familiar with the infectious pustule that is Gavin McInnes, he has a history of sexist, misogynistic hate speech. In 2013 he told the Huffington Post:

“Women are forced to pretend to be men. They’re feigning this toughness,” he said. They’re miserable. Study after study has shown that feminism has made women less happy. They’re not happy in the work force, for the most part.”

Considering that the next President of the United States will most likely be a woman, McInnes might want to rethink his anti-female rants. Then again, that would require brainpower, and it’s quite obvious he’s sorely lacking in that department.

Watch Gavin McInnes Go Back In Time

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2 thoughts on “Guest On Fox News Claims Women Are ‘Less Ambitious’ And ‘Happier At Home’ (Video)

  1. Side note-re: Hillary Clinton. Mark Twain once said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics”. Most of her staff are female and the highest paying and most senior positions are held by women.

  2. McInnes used the G word. How did I know he was going to be religious? Another example of religion fostering stupidity and hate. Hooray for religion!

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