Guest Stumps Bill O’Reilly: Cop Shootings Are Down–Does #BlackLivesMatter Get Credit For That?

Monday evening on his hour-long exhalation of hot air, Bill O’Reilly declared war on the #BlackLivesMatter movement, saying:

“They’re a hate group. And I’m going to tell you right now, I’m going to put them out of business.”

Not sure how the host of a show on Fox News plans to go about that, but no need to argue with O’Reilly, because in his mind, he’s never wrong.

Or is he?

Tuesday night, O’Reilly got the tables turned on him by a guest on his show. Speaking to Peter Moskos, a former police officer who now teaches at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the blowhard O’Reilly declared:

“Every time there is a controversy about an officer shooting a black person, they’re (#BLM) out there stirring the pot. You don’t feel that disturbed individuals watch this and then act out?”

To which Moskos replied:

“There are fewer cops shot this year than last year.  Are you willing to give Black Lives Matter credit for that? Cop shootings are down.”

The Great Bloviator attempted to swat the assertion aside:

“I know they’re down slightly.”

But Moskos used O’Reilly’s least favorite things–facts–to retort the loudmouth:

“They’re down 17 percent.”

O’Reilly tried to regain the upper hand by noting:

“In August, they’re up.”


“The month before, there were none. Overall, they’re down. So I don’t see an epidemic there.”

Let’s pause for a moment and consider the numbers on officer shootings: 24 officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty this year, compared to 23 at the same point last year. But Brother O’Reilly did not mention that 500 people have been shot by police officers in 2015, and we have four months left in this calendar year.

So, Bill, I have to ask: How’s that campaign to put #BlackLivesMatter out of business going? Sounds to me like your far too busy trying to shut down any discussion of the real facts.

As usual, Bill O’Reilly is full of crap. It’s just so refreshing to see someone call him out for his manipulation of the facts.

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2 thoughts on “Guest Stumps Bill O’Reilly: Cop Shootings Are Down–Does #BlackLivesMatter Get Credit For That?

  1. You didnt want to see Ted Nugent’s point, did you. Hold fast to your prejudices and left wing political ideology and you wont see the kingdom of God. A left wing Christian? Barak Obama makes the same claim. Do you also invoke the Lord’s of Planned Parenthood? Thank you, David Kolbinsky

    • I suppose I am almost as much of a contradiction as a right wing Christian such as you who who says they practice the teachings of Jesus, the most important of which is to love others. Quite obviously you need some work on that part. And as for seeing the kingdom of God (or not seeing it), who made you the deity that judges others? I would also remind you that we run this country by a Constitution, NOT by the Bible, so yes, I do indeed support Planned Parenthood. So now you can more fully hate me, which is all you’re really good at in the first place.

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