Ted Cruz Caught Lying About President Obama’s ‘War On Cops’ (Video)

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, sinking in the GOP Presidential polls, has decided to resort to a tactic he is the master of: the blatant lie.

Speaking at a campaign event in Milford, New Hampshire, Cruz commented on the recent killing of Harris County, Texas, Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth. Cruz was caught lying when he declared:

“Cops across this country are feeling the assault. They’re feeling the assault from the president. From the top on down, as we see — whether it’s in Ferguson or Baltimore — the response of senior officials of the president, of the attorney general, is to vilify law enforcement. That is fundamentally wrong, and it is endangering the safety and security of us all.”

All of which is a lie, as Senator Cruz knows, but he’s entitled to his opinion.

He is not, however, entitled to make up facts, as he did when he denounced what he called the President’s “silence” on Deputy Goforth’s slaying, calling that “completely wrong,” and adding that it displayed the:

“Manifestation of the divisiveness, the partisanship and of the hostility to law enforcement that has characterized the entire Obama administration.”

And now to drop the Truth Bomb right on top of Teddy Boy’s lie: President Obama personally called Goforth’s widow on Monday and also issued a statement on the shooting of the deputy, which he described as contemptible. The President noted:

“Targeting police officers is completely unacceptable — an affront to civilized society. We’ve got to be able to put ourselves in the shoes of the wife who won’t rest until the police officer she married walks through the door at the end of his shift.”

A War on Police by the President of the United States? Hardly. But there is a War on Truth being waged on a daily basis by every single member of the Republican Party, most notably the ones seeking to take up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Watch Teddy Boy Do His Lying 

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