Hackers Turn Pro-Confederate Online Group Into Celebration Of Obama, Islam, And Gay Rights

The creators of a pro-Confederate Facebook group got a painful lesson in online security from a New York-based writer who hacked their group and turned it into everything they hate most of all.

Virgil Texas proudly admits he joined the private “Confederate Pride” group and then proceeded to change its banner picture several times before convincing page administrators to allow him to change all of its settings to “clean out the trolls.”

But what Texas did next was simply the best example of turning the tables in recent memory: he changed the name of the group to “LGBT Southerners for Michelle Obama and Judaism.” Here are some of his posts on Twitter as he did so:

“I’ve settled on turning the group into LGBT Southerners for Michelle Obama and Judaism. wish me luck.”

“The Confederate Pride group is going in a new direction thanks to my visionary administration.pic.twitter.com/cT6TyCoLSq

Members of the group began leaving the group like rats fleeing a sinking ship with comments like these:

“I thought that this group was about showing and sharing our Southern pride and heritage, not a group supporting gay marriage and Michelle Obama, so I’ll be leaving.”

“I’M OUT.”

“Good bye!! Wtf is this shit??!!

Later in the day, the original group administrators finally managed to kick Virgil Texas out of their Confederate group, but the damage had been done. Not only that, but Texas had also granted administrative privileges to 50 other users who wanted to create some online mayhem, and the group took another turn: it became known as “Islam is the Light.”

You can imagine how the rednecks liked that:

“Them is screwin’ with the name of the group.”

“What is this page even about.”

So as you can see, karma is operating on the Internet, and often in hilarious ways.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

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