Collapse Of Massive American Flag At Trump Rally Declared A ‘Metaphor For The Trump Presidency’

During a Trump rally in Hickory, North Carolina, on Sunday evening, a massive American flag being held aloft by two scissor lifts suddenly collapsed: Video from right after the scaffolding fell over. — Olivia Nuzzi (@Olivianuzzi) November 1, 2020 Fortunately, no one was injured. A gust of wind appears to be the culprit that […]

Up Next For Sean Hannity: Obstruction Of Justice Charges

Fox News host Sean Hannity is in quite a mess thanks to his friendship with Donald Trump and Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen. When we learned this week that Hannity was a client of Cohen’s, Hannity tried his best to make it sound like the information was no big deal: In response to some wild […]

James Comey Trolls Trump About ‘Immorality’ After POTUS Backs Roy Moore (TWEETS)

Tuesday afternoon, as he headed out for Thanksgiving at his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago, President Trump was asked about whether or not Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore –who has been accused of sexual assault and child molestation — was the right choice for the state of Alabama. Trump replied: “He denies it. He totally denies it. Roy Moore […]

Eric Trump Tried To Troll CNN And Got A Giant Dose Of Internet Karma (TWEETS)

On Thursday, President Trump announced that he would donate $1 million to the relief effort for Hurricane Harvey, which has ravaged Southeast Texas, especially Houston. Trump did the same thing in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast, but never fulfilled that pledge. Shortly after the White House said the president would give to help the victims […]

Tomi Lahren Tries To Criticize Obamacare, Winds Up Proving Her Own Hypocrisy (TWEETS)

According to many conservatives, the Affordable Care Act–aka Obamacare–is the worst thing to ever happen to this country. They love to rail against a program which has allowed tens of millions of people to purchase health insurance and helped guarantee that getting decent healthcare doesn’t cost a fortune. And yet, when confronted with facts, those […]

California Minister Who Supported Trump Now Faces Deportation

Jorge Ramirez is a minister in Oceanside, California, who ardently supported Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. He even convinced his daughter to vote for Trump. But now it turns out that decision may come back to haunt the Ramirez family in a horrible way. The problem? Jorge Ramirez is an undocumented immigrant, and […]

Senate Democrats Vow To Stall Trump Cabinet Picks: ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’

Looks like Republicans are about to get a big dose of both karma and obstruction when it comes to Donald Trump’s picks for his cabinet. Several Democratic lawmakers told Politico they plan to force up to 30 hours of debate and procedural votes on each cabinet nominee, which would take weeks out of the Senate calendar and […]

Doctor’s Racist Facebook Rant Against Michelle Obama Lands Her In Very Hot Water

Dr. Michelle Herren is an anesthesiologist who works at Denver Health. She is also a very angry and hateful person who decided to go on Facebook and post racist statements about First Lady Michelle Obama. Herren saw another posting on social media about Mrs. Obama’s eloquence which also referred to the First Lady having been educated […]

Birther Boomerang: Report Claims Trump Was Born In Pakistan, Ineligible To Be POTUS

If there’s one thing we know with absolutely certainty about Donald Trump, it’s that he absolutely loves conspiracy theories, many of which he enjoys trying to help spread. And perhaps the most pernicious and disgusting of them all is the one which goes like this: President Obama wasn’t really born in the United States, isn’t […]

The Most Racist Sheriff In America Is About To Be Swept Away In A Landslide

The latest polling numbers out of Maricopa County, Arizona, are great news for those who have been trying to oust the racist asshat of a sheriff we know by the moniker Sheriff Joe. An Arizona Republic/Morrison/Cronkite News poll just released shows Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Democratic challenger,  Paul Penzone, leading the incumbent Arpaio-who proudly brags about being […]