Here Are The Biggest, Most Blatant Lies Told At Last Night’s GOP Debate

Once again at last night’s GOP debate, we were witness to more lies than you can possibly count, but some of them were so blatant and so incredibly inaccurate that they deserve special attention. Here’s several that fit the bill:

Carly Fiorina: The Modern-Day Nixon

Fiorina lies so much about so many different things that I have taken to calling her the new Richard Nixon.

Last night, in a swipe at Donald Trump, Fiorina declared that she had met privately with Russian President Vladimir Putin but her meeting was “not in a green room for a show.” This is a reference  to Trump’s bragging that he had been “stablemates” with Putin when they appeared on the same episode of “60 Minutes.” Only problem is, Fiorina also met Putin in a green room while waiting to speak at a conference. So she has been caught in yet another fabrication.

Marco Rubio: Weld This!

Rubio said that “welders make more money than philosophers” as a way of promoting vocational training over a liberal arts education.

Uh…no. According to, the average annual salary for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy is $97,000. Graduates with an associates degree in welding technology earn $58,500.

Also, if vocational training is so great, why does Rubio have a law degree instead of one in HVAC repair?

Chris Christie: Still Shouting, Still Wrong

Chris Christie, issued a specious claim that Democrats intend to raise tax rates to 70 to 80 percent. No Democratic candidate has said anything remotely like that regarding tax policy.

Jeb Bush: Is He Still Hanging Around?

Jebbie said that Islamic terrorism is the single biggest threat to Americans. However, about as many people have been killed in the last month by household guns in the United States than have been killed by terrorists since 2001! . Also, law enforcement officials have repeatedly said that right-wing domestic terrorists pose a greater threat than Islamic terrorists.

Donald Trump: Huuuuuuge! I Mean Huuuuuge!

The Donald whined that China had outmaneuvered the U.S. in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. He also said the deal would allow China to, “Come through the back door.”

China, it should be noted, is not a part of the TPP deal.

Mike Huckabee: Wrong, Stupid, and Very Much Like a Weasel

Huckabee claimed that only the United States is being asked to take refugees fleeing from the civil war in Syria. Has he even bothered to watch the news for five minutes?! Has he not seen the thousands of refugees who are streaming into European nations? And why, please tell me, is he so darn much like a weasel?

More debates are planned, so more lies will be told. That much you can count on.

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