How Did The Right Wing Nutjobs Wish POTUS A Happy Birthday? In Disgusting Ways

Yesterday was President Obama’s 54th birthday, and I hope it was a great day for him. Considering all the success he’s had in recent months, something tells me it was one of the sweetest birthdays so far since he became President.

Twitter surprised the President by letting loose a ton of animated balloons on the President’s page to wish him a happy birthday. Also, there were tens of thousands of good wishes from people around the world.

But then we have the malicious, hateful, vile and disgusting things the extremists on the right wing said online about the President. Here’s a sampling of some of the most repellent posts:



Another person, who says his name is Larry Rohlmeier, could not resist this cheap shot:

“54 today, huh Obama? How many is that in Muslim years? :)”

While he was at it, Larry Rohlmeier, piece of human excrement that he is, also posted this:


And then we have the death threats, which I hope and pray the Secret Service will investigate. Imagine the look on the faces of these people when federal officers show up at their door and tell them they need to ask them some questions.


Or take a look at these and tell me: Is this anyway to address another human being, let alone the President?


The far right nutjobs in this country make me laugh because they say they want respect and to be heard, but then they turn around and hurl personal insults at the leader of the free world like he’s the worst thing to ever walk the face of the Earth. But the joke is on them. He’s still President, and they’re still pathetic.

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