Sarah Palin On The Donald: ‘I Thank God That He’s Running’

The mutual ego stroke between Donald Trump and Sarah Palin has now reached epic proportions as the former half-term quitter Governor of Alaska took time to thank the God she so proudly waves in everyone’s face as if her deity is a Hermes scarf for Trump’s candidacy.

Just last week, Trump began the flattery by saying that if he were to be elected President (which is about as likely as Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” being named the new national anthem), he would most certainly consider putting Palin in a prominent position within the Trump Administration.

And now this week we have Palin returning the slavish praise by saying:

“He’s awesome. I thank God that he’s running. He’s stirring it up, he’s coaching, he’s educating the other candidates saying, ‘This is how you tap into the good part of a populist movement.’” 

While she was at it, the failed 2008 Vice Presidential candidate added that other GOP wannabes should also “emulate” the man of multiple bankruptcies instead of being:

“So stubborn and not humble enough to admit, ‘Oh, he’s right about that.’” 

Palin, not yet finished with her verbal tongue-bath of Trump, also praised his boldness and willingness to tell the truth:

“Donald Trump is the art of the deal in so many respects, he wrote that book called ‘The Art of the Deal,’ but he literally knows the art of the deal and here in America we are losing deals left and right,” Palin said. “We’ve lost our industrial base, we’re losing our friends and allies, we’re losing obviously respect around the globe, we’re losing morale in the United States military with the troops whom we so respect and love and we want them to be able to respect and love their commander-in-chief and organization and all of these things that we’re losing deals on. Donald Trump is one who is saying, here’s how you fix the problem, here’s how you seal the deal to win.” 

The self-proclaimed “Mama Grizzly” finished with this flourish:

“I do know Donald Trump well and personally even I can vouch for his character, his love of country and his intelligence when it comes to these solutions that he proposes.”

Someone get me a bucket because I’m gonna be sick.

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