How Republicans Think

If we get rid of the IRS, corporations can pay whatever taxes they want and we can balance the budget.

Cut federal poverty programs and we will no longer have poor people.

Reduce regulations on banks and they will bail themselves out next time.

Eliminate the EPA and environmental problems will disappear.

Cut the federal budget EXCEPT for the Department of Defense. Then we can fight our way out of our problems at home.

Declare Christianity the National Religion and the Muslims in this country will self deport to “whur they come from.”

Get rid of Obamacare! After all, we’ve still got emergency rooms.

NO MORE IMMIGRANTS OR REFUGEES! We were born in America and they should have been, too.

Give the NRA a cabinet position and give every American an AK-47. Since everyone will be armed, peace will reign.

Privatize the prison system. The more prisoners they get, the more taxes they’ll pay. Crime will disappear.

If we get rid of Obamacare, private insurance companies and Big Pharma will look out for us. They always have!

If we totally deregulate the marketplace, God’s Invisible Hand will put a chicken in every pot and all economic problems will disappear.

Why repair roads. The more potholes we have, the more tires we’ll buy———-more jobs!

If we privatize public education, then poor people can get a free education, if they have vouchers, and they won’t have to sit next to a rich student. Separate but equal. Win-Win.

The Common Good is not for common people. It’s only for those who can afford it.

Throw non-violent criminals in prison with killers, and they will help rehabilitate them.

Who needs federal food programs when you’ve got churches and non-profits? Our tax dollars should not be spent on people who need it.

If people climb the ladder of success and pull the ladder up behind them, —-they will share their wealth and everyone wins.

Why waste tax dollars on infrastructure? Stay at home and watch Fox News.

Every American should get a vote for every dollar they possess.

Corporations are people and have feelings, too, you know.

Why waste money on the homeless? They like sleeping in cardboard boxes. It’s what they’re used to.

Why do minorities deserve respect? We were here first!

Why should women be treated equally? The founders didn’t say men and Women are equal, did they?

Competition solves all problems. Who needs Cooperation? Compromise is for wimps.

God is a Christian and don’t you forget it!

If I am a proud bigot, I should be able to fly my Confederate flag above my American flag if I want to!

If we get rid of public TV and radio, we can save the money and spend it on improving commercial media.

If God had wanted women to be treated as equals, He would have made them as tall as men.

Get rid of all government——everyone is on his own.

Poor children don’t deserve a free public education. Education makes them smarter and they just grow up to become Democrats.

Courtesy of David Scott…The Armchair Pundit

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