Cruz Supporter Goes Full Nutjob, Blames Obama For Ruining Christmas (Video)

As tempting as it may be to assume that Donald Trump is attracting the most unstable, racist, and flat-out batshit crazy supporters in the race to the White House, it now appears that Ted Cruz has his own collection of intolerant asshat fans who are only too glad to open their mouths and spew out vile words.

At a Cruz rally in Mechanicsville, Virginia, one woman who said she is voting for the Texas Senator also told C-SPAN that the main reason she planned to cast her ballot for Cruz is to drive President Obama from office. Guess she doesn’t realize Obama cannot run for reelection. She then entered full rant mode and said:

“I don’t like Obama no more. He’s ruined our country, ruined Christmas. He’s let the Muslims in. We can’t say that word, we’ve got to be ashamed of it — and we’re not ashamed people. We’re a proud people, and we’re gonna take our country back. So watch out, Obama! We’re coming.”

How, pray tell, did President Obama ruin Christmas?

“He’s scared the little children. They’re not allowed to have Santa Claus in the schools where, you know, it might offend the Muslims. But what about us?”

At this point, it seems only fitting to exclaim, WTF are you talking about, lady?!

Clearly, Trump is not the only GOP candidate who is stirring up hatred, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia in an attempt to reach for the brass ring of Presidential power. The entire Republican Party is trafficking in this kind of intolerant crap, and they don’t care what negative impact it may have on the long-term future of the country.

The GOP has no real platform, no plans to better the nation as we move forward. So they plan to use fear as a motivator for their base in the desperate hope of turning out voters in the primaries and then in the general election. Yet another sign that they are destined to fail.

Watch a Cruz Supporter Prove Her Own Ignorance

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