It’s Official: John McCain Thinks Ted Cruz Is A Joke, Too

Every now and then, even the people I disagree with the most can be right. The perfect example of this is John McCain, who obviously thinks Ted Cruz is as big of a clown as I do.

McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, was asked Monday about a report that the Senator from Texas and 2016 GOP candidate for President was pressuring him to hold hearings on whether or not soldiers should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on military bases. McCain’s response was telling:

“I was fascinated to hear that, since I haven’t heard a thing about it from him, nor has my staff heard from his staff.”

Cruz had said on Sunday that he was pushing McCain to hold hearings on the issue of concealed-carry for active duty military personnel, adding:

“It’s very important to have a public discussion about why we’re denying our soldiers the ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights.”

To which McCain said he would be “glad” to hold such hearings, but with a smirk he also remarked:

“But it came as a complete surprise to me that he had been pressing me.”

Which naturally led a reporter to ask McCain where the notion of Cruz pushing for hearings had come from in teh first place. McCain couldn’t resist a chance to level a zinger at Cruz:

“Maybe it was through some medium that I’m not familiar with. Maybe bouncing it off the ozone layer for all I know. But there’s a lot of holes in the ozone layer, so maybe it wasn’t the ozone layer.”

The Arizona Senator wasn’t quite finished skewering his colleague from the Lone Star state and speculated:

“Maybe it was through hand telegraph? Maybe through sign language? I don’t know.”

I’m not a fan of John McCain, but on this particular occasion I wish I could shake his hand and share a laugh with him over the incredible goofiness of Ted Cruz. McCain has also called Cruz a “wacko bird” and “crazy” in the past. Seems that those who know Ted Cruz the best know what he really is.

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