Ivanka Gets Reminded Of Her Dad’s Perverted Past When She Calls For An End To Human Trafficking

Ivanka Trump was in Georgia on Monday, trying desperately to attach herself to an important issue while also blatantly campaigning for her father, who should already have the Peach State locked up but finds himself in hell of a battle with Joe Biden.

The issue Ivanka was trumpeting was the battle against human trafficking, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“U.S. Attorney General William Barr and Ivanka Trump visited Atlanta on Monday to announce more than $100 million in federal grants for combating human trafficking across the nation, calling it a criminal scourge that must be stamped out.

“(Ivanka) also highlighted ‘Operation Not Forgotten,’ a two-week effort that found 39 missing children in Georgia and resulted in nine arrests last month, according to the U.S. Marshals Service.”

Eliminating human trafficking is most certainly a noble goal and something the vast majority of Americans support. It’s horrific that some people are treated like little more than property while also being mentally, physically, and sexually abused.

Afterwards, Ivanka posted this tweet:

That’s all well and good, but here’s the problem: The massive hypocrisy of Ivanka Trump attaching herself to the issue of human trafficking when her father has a less-than-sterling record on the issue of how the most vulnerable people in society are treated.

Consider this paragraph from an article Business Insider published in 2017 regarding his so-called modeling agency and what two models who worked for the Trump agency had to say about their experiences with Donald Trump:

“According to accounts from both models, they were specifically instructed by Trump Model agents not to take their portfolio books with them on the plane, as doing so can be a red flag to customs agents. They said Trump Models gave them the address of a booker and told them to tell customs that they were visiting a friend at that address. Under no circumstances were they supposed to tell customs that they were models.”

Why would you not want models to tell the authorities what they do for a living? Well, probably because they were being trafficked for sexual purposes. Trump’s agency was never charged with that, but Ivanka’s tweet was all took for people to remind her of her daddy’s perverted past:

Do us all a favor, Vanky: Sit down and shut the hell up until you remove the plank from your own eye.

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