Ivanka Trump Gets Leveled By Karma After Claiming She Helped Create 15 Million Jobs

Donald Trump lies about everything. No matter the topic or what he’s talking about, Trump can be expected to tell multiple lies. As a matter of fact, as of January 30, the Washington Post — which tracks the president’s endless stream of BS — reports that Trump has made 16,241 false or misleading claims:

“In 2017, Trump made 1,999 false or misleading claims. In 2018, he added 5,689 more, for a total of 7,688. And in 2019, he made 8,155 suspect claims.

“In other words, in a single year, the president said more than the total number of false or misleading claims he had made in the previous two years. Put another way: He averaged six such claims a day in 2017, nearly 16 a day in 2018 and more than 22 a day in 2019.”

So it comes as no surprise that in mid-December Trump proudly declared that he and his daughter, Ivanka, had helped create 14 million jobs since he took office three years ago:

14 million jobs? Really?

Nope. Not even close, Forbes tells us:

“The new results show that President Trump’s best year of job growth was 2.314 million in 2018 (the first year of the tax cut) but it falls short of any of Obama’s last three years. His boasts also don’t stand up when you peel the onion on GDP growth and realize that the Federal deficits during his Presidency will exceed any that were not impacted by a recession.”

And yet, Ivanka Trump decided she’d double down on her daddy’s blatant lie and even add some falsehoods of her own, tweeting out that she had helped create 15 million jobs!

That was all it took for social media to remind Grifter Barbie she was full of crap:

By the time November arrives, Donald and Ivanka will probably be claiming they’ve created 100 million jobs and have plans to create 150 million more if he’s reelected.

Yep, she definitely has her daddy’s lies.

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