Jaw-Dropping Poll Shows Many Trump Voters Are Deserting Him

For four years now, pollsters and pundits alike have wondered if there was anything that could possibly lead those who voted for and still support President Donald Trump to abandon him. Trump’s heralded base has been steadfast in their support for him despite his many scandals, missteps, and even impeachment.

But it appears the fabled Trump base is splintering and extremely unhappy with the way he’s handled the coronavirus pandemic that has so far killed over 50,00 Americans.

A poll from Navigator Research shows that 40 percent of Trump voters believe he hasn’t taken the COVID-19 crisis seriously enough, especially in the initial stages of the national emergency. That 40 percent figure is an increase of 17 percent in a just a week’s time, suggesting that the usually reliable support Trump has among those who normally support him is quickly evaporating.

But perhaps even more troubling for the president is the fact that only about 46 percent of the public voted for him in the first place, as he lost to Hillary Clinton by almost 3 million total ballots. So if 40 percent of that 46 percent is now unhappy with Trump’s job performance, that means he’s hovering near the 30 percent mark on a good day, and he hasn’t had any good days since the virus began ravaging the country. No matter how you slice it, no one has ever won a presidential election with just 30 percent of the vote.

There’s other bad news for Trump, too, and that’s his poll standing among self-identified independents, 66 percent of whom say the president was too slow in response to the COVID-19 threat. Four years ago, independent voters were the main margin of victory for Trump in key battleground states such as Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. If he loses even two of those states in this November’s election, he’s done.

The Navigator Research survey also has Trump’s overall job approval rating back to 47 percent, with 52 percent disapproving of his job performance.

When he was confronted with the greatest challenge of his presidency, Donald Trump dropped the ball. That failure is magnified daily as the death toll rises and more Americans realize they cannot trust this president to protect them in a life or death emergency.

There’s still a long way to November, but right now Trump appears to be in big trouble with the American electorate, including the very voters who propelled him to victory in 2016.

4 thoughts on “Jaw-Dropping Poll Shows Many Trump Voters Are Deserting Him

  1. oh he is meanwhile making big trade off with lies about the oil. guess he will be a dab hand now at the insider trading with the help of HIS financial manager. muchkin.
    Too late for the king of sleaze I doubt it he will be hell bent on making someone else his scapegoat.

  2. There are yet unseen depths to this lunatic’s pathological need to win; to affirm that he is the Master of the Universe. Do not be surprised by anything that happens between now and 21 January 2021……including a catastrophic false flag event. I once thought that predictions of a refusal to leave office after a 2020 election defeat were somewhat fanciful. Not now. Trump has proven that to him the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans is but small change……even down to use of the minimising abstract characterisation, “alot of death”. This creature is biblically, chillingly, evil.

  3. I might be wrong as I am from Denmark, but it seems to me that there is no possibility to not leave the office. If he loose the election, he will be hauled out by the police on 21 january 2021, and the new president will have been sworn in.

    Some say that he could have a magic wand that would lead to the election being cancelled, but as fair as I understand, that will make the third in line president by 21. january 2021, which would be Nancy Pelosi.

    So please correct me if this is a misunderstanding. I am not a scholar, and I could be wrong, but AFAIK, it is not possible for a President and his VP to keep their place after the inauguration date for the next term.

    Also this will end, and hopefully sooner than later. I hold all of USA in the LOVE of my heart, and wish for you to find together to restore what needs to be restored.

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