Jeb Bush Wants Us All To Work More Hours, But Not With ‘Benefits And Stuff’ (Video)

You no doubt recall that a couple of weeks ago Jeb Bush said that the way to make the American economy grow was for workers to work more hours. He later backed away from that statement, saying it had been misinterpreted.

And now Jeb is obeying his corporate masters once more and declaring that Hillary Clinton, if elected, would want workers to get “benefits and stuff.”

Honestly, can this guy work any harder to prove how out of touch he is?

Currently, 26 percent of Americans who work receive no sick leave. 24 percent have no health care through their employer. 40 percent of workers in this country receive on vacation time. Yet Bush believes the solution to all our problems is for us to work more. Why? So we can work ourselves to death and thereby open up a job for someone else?

Make no mistake, Jeb Bush, like his brother before him, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of every big business millionaire and billionaire that is pumping huge sums of money into his campaign. At last count, his super PAC had already raised over $100 million for his race to the White House.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but I don’t see how anyone who cares about their fellow man or themselves could ever support Jeb Bush for President.  When he’s not saying we all need to work more or decrying us wanting jobs with benefits, he’s meeting with executives from the coal and gas industry to figure out new ways to rape the environment and pollute our air and drinking water.

We tried Bushonomics for eight years, and what did it get us? Massive job losses, a financial collapse, and two wars we are still paying for. Does that sound like something that’s worth trying again? Not to me.

Watch Jeb Stick His Foot In His Mouth…Again!

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