WATCH Ted Cruz Get Schooled On The Iran Deal By A Protester

Texas Senator Ted Cruz just loves to pretend he’s an expert on every topic imaginable. But during a rally on Thursday, some protesters from CodePink gave the 2016 GOP Presidential candidate a few lessons on the nuclear deal with Iran.

Cruz was getting wound up, as he so often does, saying that as a result of the deal, Iran will now be the beneficiary of $100 billion in unfrozen assets, which he claimed would be used to train jihadist terrorists who would then kill Americans, Israelis, and Europeans. Cruz asked one of the protesters:

“Does that make any sense?”

Referring to Cruz’s specious allegations, the woman said they do not make sense, and then she added:

“The only way we are going to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, if indeed they are trying to get one, is to have this deal. That’s not just what President Obama and John Kerry are saying. That’s what the British are saying, the French are saying, the Chinese are saying, the Russians are saying, the Australians are saying, New Zealand is saying, Jordan is saying. In fact, it passed unanimously in the [United Nations] Security Council. So the entire world is saying this is the best deal we are going to get to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, to bring about a peaceful settlement to this problem. And what makes you think as Ted Cruz you know better than all of these countries put together. You don’t.”

Cruz attempted to retort with this tepid remark:

“You did not respond to the irrefutable point that this deal with send over $100 billions dollars to Iran and those billions of dollars will be used to murder Americans by jihadists.”

Perhaps she didn’t respond, Teddy Boy, because what you said, according to PolitiFact, is nowhere near the truth.  Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, used virtually the same line recently, saying:

“The promise of phased sanctions relief looks more like a one-time jackpot for the Ayatollah regime. In a few months, this deal would give Iran $150 billion. Iran has a $300 (billion) to $400 billion economy. A $150 billion infusion of cash into Iran’s coffers is like $8 trillion flowing into the United States treasury.”

The far right in this country is itching to go to war with Iran. If they could do it on their own, we would already be in a long-term military engagement. As if two endless wars in the Middle East aren’t enough.

So to Ted Cruz and his ilk, I say this: It’s fine to disagree with the President on a diplomatic matter, but when you start using outright lies to do so, you automatically lose the debate.

Watch Teddy Boy Get Schooled!

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