Leaked GOP Memo Shows That Republicans Expect To Lose Control Of The Senate

Senate Republicans are looking at the latest polls, and what they see has them absolutely terrified.

A memo obtained by The Guardian from the campaign arm of the Senate GOP uses stark terms and warns that “the Senate Majority is at risk”:

“The September 2020 political update from the National Republican Senatorial Committee summarizes the state of the race of 10 states with Senate races around the country and how the outcome of each could factor into whether Republicans or Democrats control the chamber in January.

“The memo, obtained by the Guardian, has been circulating among political operatives, donors and interested parties. It comes just shy of 50 days before the November 2020 elections.

“’The next few weeks will define the future of our country for generations to come,’ the NRSC memo reads.”

Of particular note in the memo is that it specifically names exactly what states have Republicans most worried:

“‘Make no mistake: the Senate Majority is at risk. Beyond the four battleground states of Colorado, North Carolina, Arizona and Maine, Democrats are going on offense in historically red states like Montana, Iowa and Georgia,’ the memo continues. ‘They’re even eyeing states like South Carolina, where [Democrat] Jaime Harrison just reported raising a staggering $10.6m in August alone.'”

Georgia looks especially promising for Democrats. Both Senate seats are up for grabs and both of the incumbent Republicans were caught dumping stock just days after receiving a confidential briefing warning of the dangers from COVID-19. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler have tried desperately to distance themselves from their self-created scandals, but their Democratic rivals remain within striking distance with the election now just 46 days away.

Overall, polling trends continue to favor Democrats due in large part to the drag President Donald Trump is having on the GOP as his failed handling of the coronavirus pandemic and ongoing economic recession drive his favorable rating lower by the day.

Republicans have read the handwriting on the wall, and it suggests some very dark days are ahead for them.

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