Legal Expert Reveals: Trump’s Children Have Likely Been Indicted Under Seal

Each day, we wait and wonder when we’ll hear from Special Counsel Robert Mueller again, and whether there are more indictments yet to be revealed before the final Mueller report is submitted to Attorney General William Barr.

According to an attorney who represented former Trump deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates, if members of the Trump inner circle think they’re in the clear because they haven’t yet been indicted, they’re sadly mistaken.

Shanlon Wu told Politico:

“If anyone in Trump world is breathing easy right now, I’d say they are very foolish.

“Even if Mueller’s report were to appear and didn’t implicate the president, all these other criminal investigations will continue. That’s not going to be the magic bullet that solves everything. I’d be very concerned if I was a lawyer or a potential target in that world right now.”

That warning should be of special significance to Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner, all of whom have ties to the Trump Organization, which is being probed by Mueller and also by investigators with the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York.

In particular, Don Jr. and Jared are in tremendous jeopardy because both of them testified before Congress under oath. If they lied, they face charges of perjury, which could land them in prison for five years.

A Republican insider said the White House isn’t taking the possibility of perjury seriously enough:

“These guys took the whole Congress thing way too lightly. They didn’t understand that members actually listen, take notes and record this sh*t. I think they all took it way too nonchalantly and didn’t think it matters — and boy, does it.”

It’s likely that Mueller and other prosecutors have already obtained sealed indictments charging top officials connected to Trump, especially his family, which continues to run his business while he’s in office.

Also, the Mueller report won’t be the end of the line for the Trump family. Their legal problems may go on for years, no matter what Mueller’s report says. As one former Trump campaign adviser warned:

“We’ve all strapped in and I wouldn’t advise anyone to unbuckle.”

That’s right: The Trumps are in for a very bumpy ride.

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