Legal Insider Says Donald Trump Jr. Will Be Indicted Before The End Of December

With all of the news this week — a major hurricane in the Southeast, the midterm election now just a few weeks away — you may have missed what could wind up being one of the most significant developments in the Russia investigation so far.

On Thursday, attorney Michael Avenatti — who represents adult film star Stormy Daniels in a defamation suit against President Trump — posted this on Twitter:

Whoa! Could it be true? Are the final stages of the Mueller investigation about to be played out before the end of the year?

When you consider that Avenatti has already been correct with his predictions on several occasions as it relates to the Russia probe, especially those related to matters involving former Trump attorney/fixer Michael Cohen, it pays to take what he says very seriously.

Also, keep in mind that while Mueller may not be ready to indict Don Jr., there are parallel investigations being conducted by authorities in the state of New York, where the president has zero pardon power. The crimes New York may charge Junior with include money laundering, filing false statements with tax authorities, and illegally meeting with foreign nationals on U.S. soil.

Mueller also has plenty of reasons to be focusing on Don Jr.: He was one of three Trump campaign officials who attended that infamous June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower where Russian officials promised to provide “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. He’s also on the board of the Trump Foundation, which is believed to have committed numerous crimes such as using funds from a charitable organization to pay personal expenses.

So will we see Donald Trump Jr. led off in handcuffs before 2018 ends? The odds are high that the next couple of months could be bad ones for the Trump family. If the midterm election goes as expected, Daddy Donnie will be under constant investigation by numerous Congressional committees, and his namesake could be facing dozens of felony charges.

How’s that for a very Happy Holidays?

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