Lindsey Graham Slaps Down Sean Hannity On Immigration, The Budget: ‘Your Solutions Don’t Work’

You don’t normally expect a member of the GOP to go on “Hannity” and tell the host that he’s wrong on any number of issues, but that’s exactly what happened Tuesday evening, and I have to give major props to Senator Lindsey Graham for doing so.

Graham told Sean Hannity that many of the so-called “solutions” to problems that Hannity and Fox continually harp on are simply wrong, adding:

“I believe you’re a principled fellow, but I’ve come to conclude that the Republican Party as a whole needs to knock off some of this stuff.”

Hannity, a perpetual smirk on his face, then tried to defend Fox’s divisiveness with this comparison:

“You’re claiming that we’re responsible for polarizing. Wasn’t Martin Luther King polarizing in a good way, standing up for justice?”

Wait a minute! Hold the phone! Did he just compare Fox News and their endless propaganda to Dr. King? Yep, sure did.

Later, when the topic of immigration came up, Hannity started in with his usual litany of what should be done: secure the border, deport everyone who is here illegally, and refuse to allow anyone else to enter the United States. Graham shot back with this:

“What I am saying is that your solutions don’t work. At the end of the day, you can’t secure the border unless you tell the Democrats what’s going to happen with the 11 million [undocumented].”

Graham was also critical of Hannity’s inane plan to cut the budget deficit. Here, in a nutshell, is Hannity’s ridiculous idea of how we solve the problem:

“I would cut a penny out of every dollar and eliminate baseline budgeting and you can balance the budget in six years.”

Senator Graham made mincemeat of that argument:

“No, you can’t. Young people have to work longer and people at our income level are going to have to take a little less, or we’re going to destroy this country.”

Personally, I think Lindsey Graham has virtually no chance of winning the 2016 Republican nomination. But I have to admit I have a newfound respect for him.

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One thought on “Lindsey Graham Slaps Down Sean Hannity On Immigration, The Budget: ‘Your Solutions Don’t Work’

  1. I don’t trust Lindseed Oil as far as I could throw him. He’s just a little smarter than most Teabaggers.

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