Lindsey Graham’s Anti-Impeachment Resolution Backfires On Him

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is always eager to be Donald Trump’s loyal lapdog, no matter what the president says or does. And as we’ve found out lately, that even applies when Trump commits high crimes and misdemeanors that lead to impeachment.

So it was no surprise when Graham drew up an anti-impeachment resolution that condemned the House impeachment inquiry, as CNN reported:

“The resolution is critical of the way House Democrats are conducting the impeachment inquiry.

“It argues that the House is ‘denying President Trump basic fairness and due process accorded every American.'”

Graham’s resolution may never even come to the floor for a full vote, according to Politico:

“McConnell has not promised to hold a vote of his own.

“The Kentucky Republican notably referred the resolution to the Senate Rules Committee rather than bringing it directly to the floor.”

As it turns out, the fact that Graham got the resolution going and lined up co-sponsors actually hurts Senate Republicans, and not only from a public relations standpoint. Once again, quoting Politico:

“While that follows the Senate’s regular order process, it also could be shelved there for weeks before it sees a committee vote. After that, the resolution could be tied up on the Senate floor if Democrats force procedural votes, which seems likely. Democrats could also filibuster the resolution — which would require 60 votes to overcome.”

So instead of being able to confirm more unqualified people to serve as federal judges, which McConnell and the GOP have been doing at a record pace in recent weeks, time will have to be spent on the Graham resolution. That could use up the remainder of the 20 legislative days left on the Senate calendar.

Now that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has held a formal vote on the impeachment inquiry, Graham’s resolution has become moot. His only recourse is to pull the resolution and look like an even bigger fool than he already does. And even that may not be possible if Senator Graham wants to remain in Donald Trump’s good graces.

With each day, the impeachment of Donald Trump not only brings Trump closer to watching as public hearings expose his many crimes, it also weakens the Republican Party and all but guarantees they’ll suffer a humiliating loss in the 2020 election.

Looks like Lindsey’s endless butt kissing has come back to haunt him.

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