Liz Cheney Gets Called Out For Her Shameless Lying

Full disclosure: I cannot stand Liz Cheney. In fact, I absolutely loathe her. So when I saw her get her head handed to her yesterday on Fox News, I enjoyed it to the max.

Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, whom I like to refer to as Dr. Evil, was discussing the situation in the Middle East, specifically the recent reelection of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Obama Administration’s ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran. Ms. Cheney started her lying by saying the President had been “looking for any excuse possible to distance the United States from Israel.” And then she dove headfirst into a steaming pile of bullcrap with this:

“You now have this unbelievable situation where we are aligning ourselves more with the Iranians than with the Israelis in the Middle East. [Obama] said we have got to evaluate what other options are available in terms of the two state solution to make sure we don’t see a chaotic situation in the region! What in the world does he think is going on in the region?”

So now we have a right wing lugnut in the form of Liz Cheney saying the President of the United States doesn’t care about Israel–a nation we send billions of dollars in aid to each and every year–and that he is instead rubbing elbows and playing footsie with the nation of Iran. That is so patently ludicrous that it’s laughable.

But Dr. Evil’s female surrogate wasn’t quite done spreading her toxic talking points. She declared President Obama:

“Doesn’t have their (Israel’s) interests in mind, has done everything he can to distance himself from them, and seems to be totally unaware at best of the complete and total mess his policies have created in their neighborhood.”

Thank goodness for Bob Woodward, who immediately shot back at Cheney and reminded her:

“Everyone has said, including President Obama in the phone conversation with Netanyahu that the military and intelligence and diplomatic alignment remains. That’s what’s important. This is not going to change the overall.”

Cheney, like most liars who get caught in their web of deceit, attempted to retake the momentum of the discussion by doubling down on the tripe she was slinging:

“Sorry, Bob, I think it clearly does change the overall relationship. They cannot comprehend why the president of the United States is doing more to align America policy with Iran than with Israel.”

Woodward was equal to the task, and he put Cheney in her place with this final slam:

“It just is not true that the president has aligned himself with the Iranians on this. Come on, he said we’re going to have intrusive inspections. Is that alignment?”

Boom! Liz Cheney, you just got served! Now if only this annoying excuse for a rational human being would simply disappear from the airwaves and never return.

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One thought on “Liz Cheney Gets Called Out For Her Shameless Lying

  1. WHY, oh why is this dimwit still a guest on the talking head shows at ALL!!??? She,(and her father, for that matter) have been shown time and again to be liars, and when they can, opportunists,( can you say Halliburton??).
    Please…stop encouraging this family….

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